Of Matters Of A Sundry Nature Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

Of Matters Of A Sundry Nature

Of matters of a sundry nature
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
I made risotto this morning and the secret to a good risotto
Said a famous Toronto chef is white wine
And I say that the secret to a good veggie roast is sherry
And I, half-laughingly am reminded of watching the Indian actor, the sauve Sharooq Khan,
Be a guest on a cooking show while we were vacationing in Bangalore
And an Indian risotto swears by star anise and cloves
I am sceptical about the taste but the Indian man says spice adds to flavour in life
While a Canadian man says that love is all about a heady feeling;

For those critics out there for white wine and sherry are alcohol
The vapourisation temperature of ethanol is about 212 degree F
And one makes risotto at 450 deg F or 350 deg F if slow cooking
And hence the taste of alcohol is retained but the intoxicating property is lost
Which is good and the result is a winning combination;

This train of thought brings me to Bianca Andreescu, the Canadian wonder
Who won the 2019 US Open Championship
And she had the winning formula, hard hitting, court coverage and an accurate serve
Which did fail her a few times but she beat the odds
And this time around although we were not in the stands cheering her on,
As we were in the Rogers Cup tournament
We were not denied an entire match;

The result of a match can never be predicted and it is a whodunit until the end
Which leads me into the territory of a Sophie Hannah book which is an Hercule Poirot mystery
In the style of Agatha Christie
And she has had me enthralled until now when I want to know the ending;
Another master of suspense in filmdom is Alfred Hitchcock
And making use of my husband's collection of his movies
I watched The Trouble with Harry, Topaz AND Marnie
All brilliantly made and I thought that Hitchcock was a gifted artist but had a twisted mind
For he could conceive of Machiavellian themes with honourable intentions at times;

This brings me to the Canadian election 2019 scheduled for Oct 21st
And we, the Canadian people, are in suspense as to the outcome
I wish that I could do what I intend to do with the Sophie Hannah, The Mystery of the Three Quarters,
Look at the ending and continue reading the book;

The primary thought I have is that all the three candidates are well matched
But the other two choices are not an open book
For Justin Trudeau has been Prime Minister and under the scrutiny of the unforgiving press
Who expect supreme honesty and brilliant performance from their leader
And the man has not let us down
And I cannot but help think that despite his few failings, he has a clean, wholesome mind
That does not have an ounce of tendency to distort the facts.

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Of Matters Of A Sundry Nature
Thursday, September 12, 2019
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