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Of Sea, Moon And Rain: Haiku

Rating: 4.5

moon-bitten waves
eager to reciprocate
sea agitated

moonbeams piercing
through thick foliage
lighted jungle tracks

raindrops dancing on
green leaves, colourful petals

glow-worms at a feast!
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Shahzia Batool 24 May 2012

respected poet! i welcome your remarks, but taking it as a chance to explain my reason to mention the example from Milton...being a teacher, i think students use the site also, so of course if you see thematic connection is not my focus, rather the use of the figure of personification by milton is my concern...thanks :)

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Saadat Tahir 24 May 2012

i beg to differ with my worthy colleague....S_B Milton aint got nothin to do with this... :) be happy sat

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Shahzia Batool 23 May 2012

The lines are wonderful for the scenic effect created through the device of personification...even a single speech-act can make a difference...you have attributed life n mind to Sea, Moon, n Rain...see what Milton does by this figure... . Earth felt the wound; and Nature, from her seat, sighing through all her works, gave signs of woe, That all was lost...

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