Off With Their Heads Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Off With Their Heads

Rating: 4.5

So Dubya wants to leave the stage
in righteous, radioactive rage.
He figures that by being tough
the effort may yet be enough
to have the people keep him there
as logical and rightful heir.

Drop bombs and other friendly fire
onto the people, what a liar
who has condemned allies and friends
to wait until the folly ends.

Hold on there, cowboy, time is up!
Just have a look at your own cup!
We threw the gangster Howard out
demoted him to walkabout.
It's time the warmongers and crooks
be hung from sturdy butcher's hooks.

No people ought to be subjected
to orders from above, directed
at special interests in the name
of freedom, what a dirty shame.

Just have a look and see who runs
the poisons, oilrigs and the guns
and who will benefit from it
I say, let us indict, to wit,
let's lock them up without a trial
and let them fester there a while.

Well, George, now Tony Blair has gone
and Howie, you will soon move on.
You have not covered your small head
with glory, and it must be said
that they will read in hist'ry books
just how we recognised you crooks.

And that we learned by observation
that help is needed for this nation.
Ideals were lost and hopes were shattered,
as if those values never mattered.

You know the feeling how the air
smells lovely and beyond compare
after a shower in the Spring.
You'll hear the tiny robins sing
and that is what the world will know
when all you gangsters finally go.

Danny Reynolds 27 November 2007

Hear hear Herbert.(That's an illiteration of liberation?)

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