Oh I Love Cloghoula Countryside Poem by Francis Duggan

Oh I Love Cloghoula Countryside

Oh I love Cloghoula countryside when wild flowers are in bloom
Just outside the Town of Millstreet on the way out towards Macroom
When the birds are singing gaily and new leaves are on the trees
And the brown bog larks are piping o'er the bogland of Gneeves.

Oh I love you sweet Kilmeedy at the back of Clara hill
I have always been in love with you and doubtless I always will
You are beautiful and peaceful and your fields are evergreen
And you wake to greet each dawning day like a rare beauty queen

Oh to walk through flower decked meadows where the Finnow waters flow
Listening to the song birds piping their tunes sweet and mellow
'Tis like walking through a fairyland where peace and beauty meet
In the green fields of Cloghoula in the Parish of Millstreet.

'Tis a home like place Cloghoula where a man can win esteem
Just by playing with their own football club the Slanan Rovers team
He who plays for Slanan Rovers who so ever he may be
Is accepted in Cloghoula as one of the family.

Oh I love Cloghoula country side each meadow, vale and glen
Home of kindly hearted people and of hardy mountain men,
Oh I love Cloghoula country side especially in Spring
When the wild flowers are a blooming and the merry song birds sing.

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