Oh! Indians! -A Sonnet. Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

Oh! Indians! -A Sonnet.

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Oh! Indians!
In this land of Harischandra, India,
The wheel of life moves indifferent
Why this indolence, seek the media
Come to inferences sadly different.

Pre-independent great leaders sacrificed
Disinterested in material benefits; they
Rooted in struggle for freedom, though crucified
The dripping blood stirred their spirit gay.

But, now the blood and the spirit are diluted
Generations of ingratitude grow up lazy.
Sans sense of history, love and being looted
Whereto we move, Oh! Indians! on way greasy.

Awake brothers think why we are betrayed
Like a hound chased sheep we are strayed.

sad hopeless move of Indian leaders and voters is agonizing
Sanjay Mehta 29 August 2012

Genuine concerns, but somewhere you will agree still there is hope. Where is the hope? Well in the sonnet, and mark my words sir this trickle will form a stream, then an river on which Noahs ark will float and we all will be in that paradise. Please go through, ' Politics 1999 ',50th Independence Anniversary', Anarchy', and Jasmine Revolution', your comments will be appreciated.

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Valsa George 08 July 2012

This is an earnest plea to all of us- the citizens of this great nation to look back to the torch bearers of our democrasy and emulate their example! A good poem with a great message! !

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Walterrean Salley 23 May 2012

Love for a nation. A heartfelt, passionate plea to your own that will hopefully be heard. God bless the Indian people. Such a worthy appeal 10

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Jasbir Chatterjee 18 May 2012

Yes, Nasarudheen, I agree...there is a need for a combined effort from all of us Indians to come out of the rut we have fallen into...

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Rekha Mandagere 18 May 2012

Beautiful rhyming scheme! Nice introspection into the past and the present life in India. Nice theme.

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