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Freshness of love made me lively
To give up the life of solitude boldly
Year after year we loved happily
Hand in hand ever walked closely

Sweet words shower heavenly happiness
Bitter words can only fill our heart, sadness
If Great words inspire you towards boldness
Ungrateful words merely spread soul's sickness

Look at the glowing golden Sun
Brightens up the world with radiant beam
Never stops his shine even for fun
Ever stands as a leader of the team

Time and tide waits for none
But I have waited all alone for one
It is none other than my ideal son
At last my time has begun!

The seven wonders dropped from the heaven
Are all spread across the bed of land and ocean
Perplexes the integrity of wise men to approach
Great soldiers are ever ready to make their bold march

Favourite haunt of Gods, a haven for all
Hindus, Muslims, Christians dwell
Also Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Sikhs
Mother of myths and various legends

On the stream of life
May the boat of radiant smiles sail
In the depths of the tuneful mind
May the rays of friendship bloom

I can’t breathe
Unless you soothe me
With your angelic smiles
And Take me to the heavenly doors

It is not just a fairy tale
But true and very much real
In the history of long long ago
There flourished the glory of Athens

My lovely little spirit of smiling Denmark
This is right time for making great remark
Spread Light everywhere by driving away the dark
Here is the way to win the race with highest mark!

You are not only my ideal son but also my inspiration!
You have inspired me to scribble my imagination
It is my pleasure to share every conception
Never put break, which leads to destruction.


To my conscience I promise
That I shall never compromise
With the cruel deeds of the selfish
And the cold sides of the devilish

Speedy vehicles hurriedly rush
People in the bus busily push
School children eagerly rush
All wish to grow rich in sudden push

For every occurrence
There is relevance
But hidden with evidence
If one has perseverance

Once man was gifted with great time and mind
To feel for fellowman’s joys, miseries with no foul
Those were the glorious moments only to find
Life in full, spirits in zeal and relationships in soul

Poisoned arrows
Lethal weapons
Nuclear explosives
Harmful bacteria

At one late night
Behind the wall
Through the window
Where all life pull the blanket

Take me away from the world of ignorance,
Lead me to the path of essence.
Drive away all my past memories
Fill my heart with your everlasting glories.

Let this festival of light make your life bright
Everywhere we see the hanging lamps of hopes and dreams

One who devoids himself from worldly life
Always engaged in the pursuit of noble divine
By changing the curtain of reality to the heaven
Eager to wash away all the memories of grief

Rekha Mandagere Biography

I have worked in the field of Education for nearly 20 years having my masters degrees in English and Education. I love teaching, music, reading and writing poetry.All my poems are dedicated to my son. Some of my poems reflect the theme of Lonely mother's deep attachment, feelings and love for her son. My poems are published in Anthology of International poetry, THE ART OF BEING HUMAN VOLUME 13 AND VOLUME 14 AND Volume 15)

The Best Poem Of Rekha Mandagere

Love Departed

Freshness of love made me lively
To give up the life of solitude boldly
Year after year we loved happily
Hand in hand ever walked closely

Shockingly arose a whirlpool of strangers
Who wished to measure the worth of lovers.
I spiritedly climbed the hill in a second
And swam with the tides to far beyond

They uttered in chorus Great! Great!
But the final test to win was already set
Plucking away my root was only their trial
Implanting New Belief was their word final

Hearing that terrific crime I was taken aback
Inner voice cautioned me never look back!

Rekha Mandagere Comments

Ramesh Rai 23 July 2012

In 2001, just on night, when monumental statues of standing Buddhas was dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban, i composed my memorable poem, the hymn of mercy. one of my office colleague read my poems and commented that after Geetanjali, he was reading my poem only. Surprisingly, I got the same comment from Rekha ji, which i did never expect. she is always inspiring to me. Her vision is too broad in all spheres of life. She is definitely a good mother too.. I wish all the best for her peaceful life.

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Unwritten Soul 13 July 2012

A distant star She stands beside when the silence invites Playing words from the deepest in heart With love, her whispers sending spirit fuel Brightening souls, back to nature She will keep it pure Much more, she endures Miles to reach everyone as far from the radiance by moon But love cross any boundaries as it is a light Transmission of waves reach over the distance Knock hearts' door and mine was opened As she bring special poetry written for all, for souls to understand Unlock her thought for perseverance Eternal safe in the garden Where love and serene stay In the world's heaven Stand she always stand Guard presence with honest hands Love and peace she wished for us and free fuel spirit Even in a silence Rekha will always stand Always Writing a few verses for my favorite fella, family and as an inspiration No specific theme, but i just let my soul fly over to tell how great you for me asking me to study and doing well in the life, with your beautiful family, children and husband also care me much, but now here i present you something a words arrangement from my heart to thank each of you there. I feel so great to have great moment with you when we done a poem Boadicea be happy and always never stop inspiring us so keep writing :) (Unwritten Soul, written on July 13th)

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Gary Manning 25 July 2011

I like your poems cuz I feel like they come from a special place in ya hart. I never cared for pep who wright from the perspective of just getting a good rateing. Like you I wright truth. And from the soul...

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Abhay Vignesh L 07 March 2011

You definitely have an aptitude for poetry as this poem shows. Keep writing. A pleasure to read such poems.

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Kimberly Patterson 08 February 2011

Very powerful, liked this one a lot! ! !

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