Oh My, Aren't Kids Funny? ! ? Poem by Ella Rose

Oh My, Aren't Kids Funny? ! ?

Once there was a funny girl,
She painted all her walls bright pink,
Then one day she woke up,
And the pink turned into purple ink.

She said, "mommy, what happened?
I miss my bright pink walls! "
"Oh, honey you don't remember? '
Lil' missy had to stop and recall.

After quite a few minutes she said,
"I could've sworn my walls were pink! "
But couldn't even remember,
If she repainted them in her sleep.

So she sat on her bed to ponder,
Tried to figure out what had happened,
She traced her steps through the night,
For her bed she never abandoned.

Her mommy said, "Look under your bed,
Right there you will understand, "
So she looked and found a zebra,
That could fit in the palm of her hand.

Just then she thought to herself,
"Oh my, I thought my Stripes had run away! "
Little did she know,
He walked back home to her yesterday.

See, Stripes was her itty bitty friend,
She won him at the city festival,
She tucked him in every night,
He loved it and he was so restful.

Except one sad day back in November,
His mommy came to take him back home,
And lil' sweetie felt so lost and alone,
Like a Queen without her favorite throne.

But there was that faithful zebra,
Who had missed his favorite friend,
For he traveled so far to be with her,
His dependence on her will never end.

So this is what clearly happened,
How her walls went from pink to purple,
He was playing a little prank on her,
For mini Stripes was so nocturnal.

He wanted to make her laugh,
He wanted to make her see,
But finally the next night,
He painted the purple walls back to pink.

Oh My, Aren't Kids Funny? ! ?
Thursday, April 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: child,humor,silly
Savita Tyagi 21 April 2016

Cute story. Kids must have a ball listening to it. Read your bio. Hope you have a great time at poem Hunter posting your poems and enjoying othe' poetry. Best wishes.

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Ella Rose 21 April 2016

thank you again Savita for all your kind feedback :) ~ellarose~

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