Oh, Nature Poem by Oscar Auliq-Ice

Oh, Nature

Rating: 5.0

Nature is a canvas, vast and bright,
With colors that dance and delight,
A world of beauty, free and wild,
Where wonders are born, and dreams are styled.

The trees reach high into the sky,
Their branches wide, their leaves that sigh,
And in the wind, they sway and sing,
As if in tune with everything.

The birds take flight, their wings unfurled,
They soar above the verdant world,
And in their song, a melody,
That echoes through the harmony.

The rivers run, their waters clear,
Their currents strong, their paths sincere,
And in their flow, a constant force,
That shapes the land with nature's course.

The mountains rise, majestic, grand,
Their peaks that pierce the endless span,
And in their form, a rugged grace,
That challenges the human race.

The sun shines bright, its warmth divine,
Its rays that bless, its light that shines,
And in its glow, a life that thrives,
As nature gives, and nature survives.

Oh, nature, sweet and wondrous friend,
Our lives with you, in tune to blend,
We'll cherish you, and guard your ways,
And live with you, through all our days.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: Nature
Jayne Louise Davies 20 April 2023

Just wonderful! Loved it.

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