Oh Travelers Of This World Poem by ABDUL QAYYUM MULLA

Oh Travelers Of This World

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Oh travelers of this world
Your destination is the grave
This journey which you are preparing
Will last for two days.

Since the creation of this world
Thousand and millions peoples have arrived
No one is left
They have been engulfed in soil.

Don't forget this
This will be everyone's final abode
With your own eyes
How many burials have you witnessed?

With your own hands
How many of the dead have you buried?
Of your own consequences
Why are so unaware?

Those who slept on velvet
On soil they are sleeping
Kings and beggar alike
Together they are sleeping.

Both are the equal
This the effect of death
Effigy of soil, to you
ON soil it is to immerse.

One day you have arrived
Another, it is, you have to leave
You are not stay in this world
Yor destination is to leave.

Oh Travelers Of This World
Friday, June 12, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Faizan 22 June 2020

This lie world our real life is hearafter

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Hameed 22 June 2020

Best poem of the reality of life

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Kamran 22 June 2020

Very best poem in the world maybe

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Kamrul 22 June 2020

What a great but verily good thoughts

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Timur 22 June 2020

Mahtab Bangali and you are my best poets

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Jabina 22 June 2020

This poem had been translated but in poem Hunter it had never, thanks For sharing us

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Yosuf 22 June 2020

Nice explanation of this poem, thank you for your advice

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Hannaan 22 June 2020

I came the path of right in this life, we have to go in way of God thank you for your advice And best translate in English language, it nazam had been sung by Junaid Jamshed

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Nice poem best ever 22 June 2020

Nice poem my name is not but From your poems I put my name as

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Furqan 22 June 2020

From this poem I came back on the way of God, thank you, thank you

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