If You Forgot Me Poem by ABDUL QAYYUM MULLA

If You Forgot Me

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If you forget me.
Then why I come in your dream
Why you sleep till late for me
Indeed you said you forgot me

If you forgot me,
Then why you miss me
For every second, every minute
Indeed you don't like to see me

Is it love of forever?
If you forgot me, please forget
Now, don't come back live a good life
If you forgot me

If You Forgot Me
Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: forgotten love
habibullamulla 29 May 2020

Best you are great thinker

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Hameed 22 May 2020

Good best better present by you.

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Ubedullah 22 May 2020

Very great present thought you have best for writing poem on love..better explain best experience

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Elagi 20 May 2020

Very pretty and woderful

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Mahtab Bangalee 19 May 2020

love; in true love there no forgetting lives frequent rememberance comes passionately ....

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You could understand me, thank you

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Verily! good explained you are big understand poet

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Verily! best last line thank you, a lot you are great poet

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