Old Men Poem by Ogden Nash

Old Men

Rating: 3.5

People expect old men to die,
They do not really mourn old men.
Old men are different. People look
At them with eyes that wonder when…
People watch with unshocked eyes;
But the old men know when an old man dies.

Tony Cassler 06 April 2020

If, in this time of the covid-19 pandemic, we substitute “the elderly and the immunocompromised” for “old men”, I wonder whether the general social impressions of such vulnerable groups might change for the better. How about prisoners? How about struggling immigrants? Etc.

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Jack 23 September 2021

Way to add banality to brilliance, Tony.

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Tom Allport 27 December 2016

this is the trouble with people, no understanding that one day they will get old

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Smoky Hoss 19 January 2014

Such a dreadful truth.

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Paul Kamill 07 November 2013

This poem is quoted in the film A Late Quartet, read by a child in the New York subway train. It is very poignant and moving in the context of the film.

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gwbnyc 04 September 2019

it’s five lines of infinite dignity. I would go as it is written, granted the wherewithal.

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Frank V. Gardner 25 October 2009

This old man has no surprise When people watch with unshocked eyes.

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Grandpa 27 March 2018

We old men understand!

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