On Being Told That There Is No Rhyme For The Word “limerick” Poem by C Richard Miles

On Being Told That There Is No Rhyme For The Word “limerick”

Rating: 4.8

After I heard Harry’s limerick,
I found that my mind set to simmer. “Rick, ”
I said to myself,
“One might write it itself, ”
But I answered, “You’re chances are slimmer, Rick! ”

So I can’t find a good rhyme for Limerick.
Told myself, “ You are just a beginner, Rick
And though there’s no reason
You can’t write something decent,
I fancy your chances get grimmer, Rick! ”

He said that it might rhyme with turmeric
But I thought, “You’re not that fast a learner, Rick:
Ditch your thoughts wasting time
Finding suitable rhyme;
Let your plans, man, stand on the back burner, Rick.”

But the cogwheels had started to turn a bit
As I guessed I had started to learn a bit
And I might find a line
That rhymes Limerick fine
And might win me a prize, so I earn a bit.

But I thought, “Though there was just a glimmer, Rick.
You will think till you’re needing a zimmer, Rick,
Since the muse isn’t kind,
I am sure you’ll will find
Not a word that will rhyme fine with Limerick.”

Amanda Laurent 27 October 2012

So clever! ! ! This one is a winner, Rick! ;)

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Dreamin Big 26 March 2012

:) this poem made me giggle

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I Am Charlie 25 June 2009

oh god, how frolicsome. It's brilliant. grin...can just imagine you hunched, walking, writing, working while thinking on this one notion like a dog with a bone.

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