On Capital Punishment Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

On Capital Punishment

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Oh! New theory on capital punishment
Condone the sentence and never express vent
It is the right for human being to change
In a cell to repent and pass the age

Very sensible argument but finds no favor
A person has killed innocents for his contact’s honor
It is sacred pledge for misplaced conception
Ruthless dealing with precise execution

What a joy to celebrate with scattered bodies all over!
Panic is created and game plan is over
Many organizations may come forward to their rescue and defend
No mercy or feeling for those killed and only sentiments to offend

“Killing recklessly is no crime against humanity” they politely interpret
It may be temporary rage and excitement so later on only to regret
Once more chance to live long under false pretext
Sentences are read mechanically as prepared text

Few bucks play the trick and tears rule the scene
Leaders come, console and promise the severe punishment to be seen
All lost within few days as dust settles down
The fate of culprits remain completely unknown

Nation bleeds to its last drop
No one comes forward with stern hand to stop
All weigh and watch pro and cons
Money and help readily extended by dons

Judiciary takes longer route
Politicians argue in favor with whatever does suit
Long battles for execution even after judiciary pronounced
Oh! God how a life can be taken even if it is announced

We are human and care for murders even
Wish for their welfare and pray for seat in heaven
We die here every moment amidst fear
Pain an agony is firm remedy for us to bear

Prita Srini 07 September 2011

'All lost within few days as dust settles down' so very true.Every indian will say this in his mind repeatedly.But nothing absolutely is done.The plight and sufferings of the person, family who has lost carries the burden for a life time.very powerfully written.keep it up.

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