Once The Choice Is Made Poem by Jim Yerman

Once The Choice Is Made

Once we make the choice to bring a child into this world we have a duty to that child…as their life unfurls.

Yes, once the choice is made…the choice of child birth…it is our duty to help our children feel safe and happy during their stay upon this Earth.

Our duty to teach them right from wrong…how to respect the plants, the seas…the birds…
Our duty to teach them how our actions speak much louder are much valuable than our words.

Our duty to show them kindness and love…to help them thrive…to grow…to cope…
Our duty to teach them about honor and justice…our duty to fill their world with hope.

Our duty to show them what love and friendship look like…how promises we make are kept…
Our duty to teach them how to behave…what we will and will not accept.

Our duty to help them handle failure…to show them good manners are never outdated…
Our duty to show them how tenderness, compassion and a gentle heart can never be overrated.

Our duty to allow their imaginations to soar…to think for themselves and to admit when they are wrong. Our duty to show them how compromise and acceptance are two ways to prove that they are strong.

Our duty to give them the freedom to play, sing and dance…to draw, to paint, to write…our duty to show them the decisions and the choices they make will not alway be black and white.

And finally our duty to teach them how everyone is important, every life is precious…no matter their sex, color religion, or race…
for once we fulfill these duties…our world, their world, will be a more peaceful and happier place.

But the main reason we must fulfill these duties to our children…before our children are grown…is so they'll understand the importance of these duties…when these duties become their duties alone.

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