Gianna Jett

Once Upon A Time - Poem by Gianna Jett

Magic is the illusion of what you think you know to be true but isn't
It is imagery used for the purposes of distractions and confusion
Smoke and mirrors fool the eye as you are left being the fool
In your own disguises
While your dreams are chased into becoming reality
Something that you knew all along the way
Created carefully from your own mind long ago in a time from the past
Where the birthplace first opened its eyes
To a world that you forgot existed
Waiting for the right moment to come along
To choose you to unlock the key of your future that you yourself buried
Now time has no essence and all that is left of yourself is nothing but time
Realms between worlds that are born from the core of your soul
That yearns to have the very taste of life that you lost once before so long ago Before time knew itself
I knew of such a time that echoed thunder in my veins
Before the rain came I always felt it in my blood
It rained upon me entangled in my tears
The lightning was forever embedded in my soul
Just like the nights that were much like this
During the moments when nothing was even real
But the reality within itself was always
It had chosen to be a part of who I was
Long before I ever came, before I had a name
Born unto entities that knew they were alive
For the very first time as I awoken from my dream
The dreams began to fade until there was nothing else
Not even a spark of light to shine when the world was dim
I knew that I had to believe in something worth living for
Something that I could live for without regret
Everything that I could die for with meaning
What it meant was for me to be the illusion of all silhouettes
I was merely a dream that had not yet become a dream
In my imagination I existed but only to myself
Once I began to breathe I had opened your souls
When your eyes opened all that you could see was me
Then at that distance between what separated us as humans escaped
Escaping from the magicians hand was the easiest part
The most difficult part of it all was getting you to see it with your very own eyes
Even then, you denied to recognize me for what I truly was
You thought there was suppose to be logic and science to prove what your mind didn't want to exist
What your heart knew all along is that there is no logic in magic
Your soul couldn't prove against what wasn't truly there to begin with
But you and I both knew that there was no logical explanation for what we witnessed
There was no turning back from that moment on
For the moment in time had passed and the past was sent away from the future
As all future thoughts had disappeared
Those thoughts were not our own and we realized that we were not alone
No longer alone, we thrived from the glow of the dark side of the moon
Moonlight gave us the answers to magic that lit the candles of wisdom
It was within that wisdom that we found a way to breathe in something that was more powerful than we could ever understand
As you watched the jokers hand, the cards were dealt in a way you couldn't see
What I saw began to fade away, reality what just a mirage
Images that were locked in a past that could never be seen
You never saw its existence but you knew it was always there
Waiting for us to claim is as our own with our eyes closed
Until that then we had no given answers because each time they would never be the same
The sun and moon would always intertwine but never collide
For the legends were born from such magic and from the illusions we are the magic that was from ourselves
That is what brought us here and that is what brought us unto it
It remains as the story of us that is unfinished
A story that God is writing for us in the truth of the magic in the stars
From the moon's imagination the sun has proven it true
It is a story that has yet to be told
One that has already been written
By what we choose to believe
As our souls see it all for the very first and last time
Discovering the world within its own magic
Which is proven by the dreams of what we always knew that we knew
In the mirage of a dream within dreams upon the illusions in shadows
Dancing in the silhouettes of our minds imaginations and souls
Once upon a time without out time

As the pages turn a new story is told,
Reminds me of when I run away,
Secrets, creatures, memories, and love unfolds,
When the falling leaves lead me astray.

A time when I feel the sun on my face,
Taste of the moon upon my lips,
Takes me further unto a sacred place,
Where the stars are within my kiss.

There is a land without time and enchanted forests,
I can go there when the masked ones are found,
Sleep the unknown years away and then forget,
Of the lost past and disappear without a sound.

In a distant Realm of those that remember me,
Upon a time when there is nothing left to say,
Always and forever know that I will return one day,
Within the time of a time when I am finally free

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