Danny The Dreamer Boyd

One-Night Stands - Poem by Danny The Dreamer Boyd

By chance it all came to happen,
Or perchance it was a twist of fate;
Plucking a flower before it doth ripen:
Able for a want to no longer wait.

Once, two overlapping hearts,
Crossed paths for good or ill;
And no matter when one heart departs:
It comes back unfulfilled still.

It seems that in all our nights together,
Other thoughts have haunted yet my head;
No, it's not guilt, nor a wanted glimmer,
That could've stopped this shaken bed.

I strive for a moment of peace,
Or perhaps, alas, a moment of pleasure;
You long for a fleeting fleece:
From that for long's been robbed treasure!

It matters not the promises made:
To hang on through thick and thin;
As every thrust leads love to fade,
And kindles quite the disgust within.

It's supposed to be an act of love,
Not anger, nor a disguised revenge;
But it seems with every thrust you shove
Me farther to your innocence avenge.

Have we been pure before? I doubt;
Yet still we were filled with regrets:
Knowing we were wandering about,
Thinking, 'This is as good as it gets! '

I think it was the lack of choice:
That made us drive our souls to hell,
Or the long for warmth to, though fake, rejoice,
Or the hope to fill that void beneath the shell.

And finally when we came face to face,
With the fact that this act's all what we do:
It only looked like another fall from grace,
And the fog cleared from a long due adieu.

I lie mourning, with not just dirty hands,
The false feelings and times untrue,
And the fact that all my One-Night Stands,
Unfortunately, were always with you!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 21, 2013

Poem Edited: Saturday, June 22, 2013

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