*one Of My Ancient Ones* 'Time Is All We Got...'

Rating: 2.8

Time is all we got...
And that's not a lot.
Stars are all we see,
Beyond the evergreen tree.

Hot wind in the air,
Sunshine gleaming in your hair.
Warm smiles at dawn,
We are lost within the green grass on the lawn.

Last night you called my name.
Baby, I'm so tired of your game.
But I love you so,
And I don't want you to go.

Somewhere, beyond the sunset,
Good times still await us yet...
Over the rainbow we can find them,
And someday, our light won't be so dim.

Ruby Root 02 August 2006

Hi Lesa, what an excellent poem. This is really great. I love it you are one talented Poet, You can really write even at such a young age. I think you are gifted. Take care.

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Duncan Wyllie 07 July 2006

Dear Lesa Can you pass the message on to that lovely young lady inside, and tell her that she is absolutely brilliant Words like: We are lost within the green grass on the lawn. Now that is a fine heart of words indeed Love duncan X

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