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One Wish - Poem by Kenneth Davis

One Wish by Kenny Davis

I used to think, “If I had one wish….”
“I would wish to change the past.”
To take charge of many missed opportunities
Allowing the blessing of every moment to last

Instead of the allowing
Of such a dream to pass me by
Foolishly allowing the very fabric
Of my dreams and wishes to die

I used to think, “If I had one wish….”
“I would wish to revive the dead.”
To be able to rekindle the bond with loved ones
To express feelings that was left unsaid

I used to think, “If I had one wish….”
“I would wish to go back home.”
Back to the family and friends I once loved
Never having to live my life alone

I used to think, “If I had one wish….”
“I would truly wish for world peace.”
Putting all of the battles and wars to an end
Reviving the love, causing all of the hate to cease

I used to think, “If I had one wish…”
“I would wish for true love.”
Much like that of God and his angels
That which can only come from above

Little did I realize that in the times
Of all of my hoping and wishing
That all of them have been answered
Because it was you, my life was missing

You blessed me with another opportunity
That I refuse to miss not one time more
No longer nervous to turn the knob
But instead opening the door

An opportunity to relive a dream
Of you in my tender arms, me lost deep within your eyes
A truly tender moment between us
Leading to only tears of happiness cries
With you I revived the dead
Breathed life into a love for you I thought was dead long ago
Allowing the very pure essence of who you are
To pierce my soul, allowing the blood to flow

I wished for World peace
You are my world, which gives me peace
My freedom from the many of this world’s troubles
My pinnacle of refuge, my sanctuary, my release

I wished for true love
God brought me the gift of you
Lord, is what I feel for this woman real?
Is the heartache finally over? Could this be true?

I wished for my heart to be saved
And God indeed sent me an answer
For you, the light of my world
He sent to cure my loveless cancer

All I ever wished for
Has truly been in my life all along
I never knew my heart could beat this way for you
This healthy, this fast, this much, or this strong

Through all of my wishing and hoping
All of my praying and stressing
I almost missed out
And completely overlooked my blessing

You are truly all I have been wishing
All I could ever hope for
My diamond, my treasure
My most beautiful angel here on earth

© February 2011 k.davis

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