Only Human Values And Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Only Human Values And

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Only Human values and
Friday,12th July 2019

Are we not lucky to have human birth?
to visit the holy earthly place,
stay comfortable with the peace
and spend it with ease!

one word is made familiar
"death " to all even if he stays as a liar,
saint, politician or formal man
it is for all human beings

we have not come here to spend in lavish style
or eat and spend it merrily
millions of our brethren are starving
they need to be looked and need relieving

let us be fair in dealing with human values
no one expects charity or any dues
but some sympathy towards suffering
and kind offerings

no one can address their plight
but if adoption the path is right
they shall have some understanding
that people are with us even the misery stays unending

Hasmukh Mehta

Only Human Values And

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Danuta Kosalka I fully agree and I wrote early, man is a great value of different. The world is beautiful without tears not abundance, in truth for man and not for case, life would be conducive to every day by sharing fair and not their own. We see the causes of fraud, the drama of man is about money and not about man etc.. this is my appeal to the world. Greetings 1 Delete or hide this Like · Reply · See Original (Polish) · 6h Translate All Comments · Reply · 1m

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