Open Letter To The Potential Side Chick Poem by Preston Mwiinga

Open Letter To The Potential Side Chick

Dear Potential Side Chick,
I believe you are fine but I know you are not very fine due to circumstances of life. I am very fine as well, life is blessing me.
I write this letter to appreciate you for all the compliments on me. That photo you posted on the social media when you pic mixed me with you is looking nice, I appreciate your efforts though I did not send you the pic so that you do the editing of me and you, you just stocked on me and so the art you could work on. I'm warning you to not do that next time because that is plagiarism, it is forgery and that is invading my private life. I am private property and you are not allowed to trespass.

I am always flattered when you tell me i am hot, I always develop the pride in me when you tell me you like my just and that I am like that movie star in your favorite movie. When you tell me that voice is addictive talking to, I always ask myself, Is really true that I am an angel because you have told me that several times. By the way even your best friend has told me the same thing, she told me not to tell you about, so don't tell her, I told you because I do not want the two of you to have a quarrel over me, I'm ready to appeal in Kachepa News that with a heading, ‘Best friends fight hard to be blessed by one blesser' yes i can do the blessing but i am not ordained to bless many but just one, unfortunately its neither you nor your friend. But dont die with heart attack, because I know the truth hurts.

Your phone is like an alarm because it always calls me late in the night, maybe I should ask you, do you work night shift? And about the texts you send, my phone is monitored via CCTV so my woman sees all your texts. Don't worry she will not follow you to beat you up, she very civilized to do that, she has the trust in me and I love her. You have been asking if I love you or not and I have never told you, okay no worry, today you will know. I know you see a blesser in me, but I don't see a blessie in you. I am not ordained to bless many but just one, that is my only woman in whom i am very pleased and proud of.

I will end here, but please don't pray for things to turn sour with my woman, because it will not. You being a vulture will not help you, otherwise you will grow old hoping and waiting and your market will depreciate to nothing so I urge you to get a life whilst you can. ‘Ndine wabene'

Yours with care

Disappointing Blessie

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: flirtation
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