Orphans Of Love Poem by David Wood

Orphans Of Love

Rating: 4.8

Love bares and endures so much
Suffering that distance between
Two lovers happens, and you feel
Forgiveness is impossible to heal
All the hurt and pain it has caused
And you both begin to fall apart.

It's invertible that at some point
We will all hurt, and hurt badly with
Loves partner, confusion. It's often the
Case the more we love the greater
We suffer loves hurt and pain, and the
More confused we get, and we drift
Apart and go on separately with our
Lives and we become orphans of love.

But if after a period of time you still
Think of them and wonder what if….
And those thoughts stay with you,
That you long to see them again, yet
You wonder if its the right thing to do,
And confusion again enters your heart.

You enter their life tentatively with much
Uncertainty seeking forgiveness for all
The pain you caused with nervousness
In the hope that you touch their heart
With compassion.

For it takes a lot of strength to ask for
Forgiveness, but takes an even greater
Strength to be forgiven, and to put
Aside the hurt and pain you caused them.
Yet forgiveness shows that you both care,
But forgiveness is not a reconciliation, it
Is just the beginning, as reconciliation and
Forgiveness both need maturity and time.

Yet, forgiveness is the seed from which
Reconciliation will slowly and gently
Happen, from which something beautiful
Can develop, flourish and grow into
Something unbreakable.

Sunday, November 6, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: love ,compassion,hope
MAHTAB BANGALEE 07 November 2022

forgiveness is the seed of reconciliation of love; nice to read your poem

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 06 November 2022

Beautiful Ir left me speechless

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Jayne Louise Davies 06 November 2022

A wonderful write David! So true x Top marks!

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