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Yes Dad, I bought flowers
I know it's early
But I wanted you to have them for Father's Day
Unlike last year when there weren't any

I dream of a world called paradise,
Where there's no such things as tears
I dream that no one is harmed,
Because of beliefs or other reasons

Alone in my apartment, listening to the Stones
I wondered what went wrong
I tried to write you a verse that would made you stay
But I couldn't find the words

Take this stone
It's my gift of love
I know it isn't worth anything
But it's what I want to use

Make America Great again
By cleaning the lakes and rivers
And stop poisoning the land
Let's stop this division between of everything

He keeps missing yr heart
Though he has had lots of practice through
The centuries
But he keeps missing yr heart

She's an angel now
Carried to the other side
She has left a piece of her inside me
Though, we didn't always agree

Run like the wind
Against the wintry clouds
Against the Iron Horse
That is faster than a bullet

There's a war within me
As though, someone threw a bomb onto my heart
And my brain has melted when you left
All I see is the turmoil of the aftermath

Let's watch the sea
Where the dolphins play
As the moon echoes its arrival
The sun is going down

I will never forget you
I have yr name carve into my soul
I cannot forget the love you have shown
I will remember you on cold rainy nights

The crashes of the drums
And the softness of the flute
Flows through my soul
As thoughts of you cascades through

When there's no stravation or homelessness
Because we've shared our bounty
And when there's no police brutality
Especially for the wrong-coloured skin

So long, my love
I'm leaving not because of you
But of a dream
That I spent a lifetime pursuing

We are in the autumn of our lives
And watching it I wonder
Who will perish first?
You lay yr head on my stomach

It's true, I was idealistic when I was young
I saw everything in black and white
But now, everything's gray and complex
I fought for the seals and whales

I want to defy Mother Nature
When will I go barefoot to the mailbox?
I want to feel the badly maintain grass
Of my lawn on the balls of my feet

Our bond will be unbroken
That's what every cards says
Between a daughter and her Dad
But they don't say about when the father dies

LeeAnn Azzopardi Biography

I have been living in Canada as an American Citizen for 46years.)

The Best Poem Of LeeAnn Azzopardi

Orchid Haiku

On the window pane
The purple orchid blossoms
Despite the gray sky

LeeAnn Azzopardi Comments

Mj Lemon 16 July 2019

A great poet who knows how to bring out wonderful memories...

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Unnikrishnan E S 14 January 2021

An extraordinary poet, with a treasure of vast experience in life, that blossom into beautiful fragrant poems.

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Robert Patterson 24 May 2021

A wonderful, echoing tribute to Giorno.

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Michael Cochrane 18 June 2021

Many thanks for your kind comments

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Belle Wassermeister 20 August 2021

Happy birthday, LeeAnn! I hope you have a good one!

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Sandra Feldman 20 August 2022

Up to the minute in feelings and heart. Knew you were exceptional from the very start. Our good luck to have you, among the best, In this, our poetic nest.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 August 2022

This was my comment on your poem entitled, "Pavlov's Dog" that I could not post there due to some technical problems: Brilliant use of simile at the end makes the poem thought provoking. Appreciated this wonderful poem of great substance. Top score!

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Kim Barney 20 December 2021

A poetess who has inspired me more than once! LeeAnn is a caring, truly loving human being.

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David Wood 30 November 2021

Hi LeeAnn, I just sent ant to thank you for all your comments on my poems. I'm only getting half the comments people make on my MacBook Air and iPhone. I went into a library today that uses Microsoft and found everyone's comments. PH doesn't seem to like Apple products? ? Thank you again - : )

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Dr Dillip K Swain 14 November 2021

LeeAnn is a wonderful poetess in this site! I profusely admire her ink! God bless!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi Quotes

Hold on to yr depression learn from yr depression and the poetry will come through

The Great American Novel is a log book of the ride

Yes, the wheels are turning slowly But, for sure, we'll get there

Savour yr youth Because you don't know when you'll lose it

I am at my best when I am depress

Life is the road to the slaughterhouse

What do you call snow on April 1st? God's April Fool's Joke

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LeeAnn Azzopardi Popularity

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