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I have been living in Canada as an American Citizen
for 46years.

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Orchid Haiku

A Poet's Confession

This Year, Flowers

Yes Dad, I bought flowers
I know it's early
But I wanted you to have them for Father's Day
Unlike last year when there weren't any

Living In Harmony Is What I Dream Of

I dream of a world called paradise,
Where there's no such things as tears
I dream that no one is harmed,
Because of beliefs or other reasons

Real American Democracy

Make America Great again
By cleaning the lakes and rivers
And stop poisoning the land
Let's stop this division between of everything

LeeAnn Azzopardi Quotes

18 April 2019

Hold on to yr depression learn from yr depression and the poetry will come through

05 September 2019

The Great American Novel is a log book of the ride

13 August 2020

Yes, the wheels are turning slowly But, for sure, we'll get there

24 October 2020

Savour yr youth Because you don't know when you'll lose it

07 July 2021

I am at my best when I am depress

LeeAnn Azzopardi Comments

Mj Lemon 16 July 2019

A great poet who knows how to bring out wonderful memories...

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Belle Wassermeister 20 August 2021

A kindhearted soul who was my first, and for a long time, only friend on this website!

1 0 Reply
Belle Wassermeister 20 August 2021

Happy birthday, LeeAnn! I hope you have a good one!

1 0 Reply
Michael Cochrane 18 June 2021

Many thanks for your kind comments

1 0 Reply
Robert Patterson 24 May 2021

A wonderful, echoing tribute to Giorno.

1 0 Reply
Unnikrishnan E S 14 January 2021

An extraordinary poet, with a treasure of vast experience in life, that blossom into beautiful fragrant poems.

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