Oscar Wilde Poem by Sebastian Melmoth

Oscar Wilde

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Oscar you were ahead of your time the rock star of England's plays. A wordsmith and linguistic conductor capturing the mood of a golden age.

The ‘Wilde' Lovers loved you, the sadness in never seeing your wrongful incarceration quashed given you the pardon you always deserved

Man's ignorance and jealousy of talent blissfully basked in your glory when it suited and then discarded it at a whim damning the righteous man

‘The ballad of Reading Gaol', ‘Magdalen Walks', ‘With Her Voice', ‘Sonnet to Liberty', ‘Apologia' to name but a few
The poetic words run along each page and off the tongue as smooth as silk with heartfelt feeling.

‘The importance of being Ernest', ‘A Woman of No Importance', ‘Salome', ‘An Ideal Husband', ‘Lady Windermere's Fan' the selection box of plays you left us with. All visual and emotional treats to be seen, heard and applauded in tribute for ever more.

Your work graces on eternities stage and each piece ages like the finest bottles of wine. The conjuring visions, the expressional sparks of imagination and laughter makes one feel drunk as if on absinth.

We bask in your success and feel your failures the literary giant you are a constant light guiding us through inspirational less times. In life you needed human warmth not deserving of life's cold icy grip, and in death you are a warmth in the world.

You connect beyond the grave; you reach out to each generation your love for life's passions laid bare and echoes through the years. We salute you dear Oscar Wilde, a true Englishman of yester year, today and tomorrow thank you for your joyous gift.

Oscar Wilde
Shaun Cronick 14 May 2020

A great tribute that sings the life and great works of the wondrous man. He was that rarity in wit and writing a true genius. Thank you for writing and sharing this gemstone Sebastian. 10++ and added to my favs. And I wish you the best this life and poetry has to offer, take care.

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