Ostiega, . Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

Ostiega, .

If you could open up your heart to the understanding
that love hurts whether its right or wrong
then maybe you could shelter yourself from the heartbreaks
that comes from the outbreak of emotion and separation.
Ostiega, this isn't meant to send you on a guilt trip
but lately your actions have caused ripple reactions
now your words come back at you like misguided arrows
Maybe, ..It could be that your silence could have better saved you from the troubles
but now the lip gloss on your lips has caused you gross misfortune.
Ostiega, take your time!
Before you apply that make up on your face
maybe you need to make up your heart first
work on that which is deep within,
then maybe outside things will follow your order
Men taking you out for dinner
and what is your order?
maybe just chips and soda
but that was so you at 16, always trying to do everything to fit in
Now that you've grown older and outgrown your dreams
Wipe off that frown off your face and focus on that which is deep within.
then maybe out there, things will follow your order.
Chips and soda was your order? !
But now you've grown older and outgrown your appetite for little things
Out competed your mothers wits or so you think.
You had childhood dreams but now your future seems bleak
You toe a thin line and call it career
A career lady or so?
Ostiega, take a glimpse of yourself on the mirror
Illuminate your soul and let the beauty show
but first work on that which is deep within
then maybe, out there things will follow your order.
(Sorry, Chips and soda was your order?)
But now you have grown older
and outfitted your little red pair of jeans
maybe it is the latest fashion that has had its toll on you.
In your closet you have different color weaves,
but you're still not comfortable with whom you are deep within
and so the desperation causes tears to drip down your pretty cheeks

In your endless search for identity, you have stumbled into things
Question marks that make you question your dreams.
and even still you take heart.
In that big bag you carry hopes, ambition and flat shoes to change
Under those shades you hide your face
maybe you are afraid of coming out of your cocoon
and claim what is yours without hesitation
So your friends relentlessly step on your feet
and coyly you keep your fingers crossed
hoping that one day opportunities show up
You had dreams of a family, two kids
with a man, tall dark with a height slightly above yours
most of all financially handsome
Quietly you still keep your hope
It has been a while because every now and then you whisper unto God
before you get to bed,
Ostiega ostiega, illuminate your soul and let the beauty show
work on that which is deep within
and may be out there, things will follow your order.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: healing,yearning
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