Pamela Plachno

Other Side Of The Moon. - Poem by Pamela Plachno

The alarm goes off.
I jump, hit the snooze button.
Back to sleep, only to wake up again.

Off to reality.
Off to the dreamless landscape.
Irony to life.
Only do we seek ourselves
In our dreams.

Our world is too big to comprehend.
Rather not itself.
But its walls that have eyes.
Staring upon everyone.
And anyone.

Too hard to breathe.
The freshes air.
Corrupted by our own corrupted judgements.

Our brows, soaked in sweat.

Isn’t it?
Work, not to work.
We tire ourselves
Either way.

That’s what happens.
Letting ourselves breathe in
The corrupted air
Of society.

Our hearts turn hard, cold.
But, it’s the only way to survive.

Like a stone in a creek.
Persevering the harsh water.

Harder, our hearts.
But easily disgraded.

Where is it?
No longer there.
Piles of dust now.

Eager to escape
The eyes of these predators.

Little do we know
What we have made.
A weapon we cannot destroy.

It’s winning.
This society.

I look up and saw myself
Staring up at the moon.

Used to be brighter
The light it brings to us at night.

But no.
It’s weary.

Like the society we have been.
Oh, yes.
We try to shine
But the light fading away
But we improvised into something more.

We still do.

But I pass by
Ignoring the wretched light.

And try to live within myself.
Because they judge
Only what their eyes can perceive.
Constant conclusions.

But they do not know
I’m beyond their reach.
Their spotlight
Cannot touch me.

Like the moon
Shinning it’s light onto Earth.
I’m still by it
But in a different location.

On the
Other side of the moon.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 3, 2009

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