Iris Of Poetry Poem by Aqeb Benazir Ibn Minar

Iris Of Poetry

Rating: 4.9

Introduction: We don't really think deep enough about 'What A Poetry Actually Is', the obvious question which we all know but don't think how to really elaborate on. We mostly see the story, depth and the purpose it delivers. Well, here's one a little bit different this time...

Poetry is the reflection of our lives like in the mirror,
It is something we can relate to and share.
It's our memories written in jumbled words,
It's like a song, with a meaning it holds.

A mere idea of our mystical lives,
Expressed in a way from deep inside
A way which only the heart can see,
A place where the eyes get cold-feet

The earnest truth and the sweetest lies,
It's all the irony that makes poetry so alive.

Anthony Zeigler 29 August 2011

This poem tells the truth. Love it

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Deejay Manaleng 17 August 2011

poetry in motion, couldn't of expressed myself better... nice one dude

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 13 August 2011

A lovely verse with truth and deep meaning from one so young....Your poetic voice is wonderful... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Amina Kamran 10 August 2011

good job.... keep it up

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Elizabeth Grace 10 August 2011

10/10! Keep writing. Brilliant.

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Describes poetry, most truly..

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Heather Wilkins 25 May 2013

So true, my poetry is my life, my passion. My escape sometimes. Nicely presented.

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Theresa Goertz 27 July 2012

i think your poem is awsome! i can relate to it alot.

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Nurain Ali-balogun 12 July 2012

I remain grateful to God for the gift of poetry, as it's like a different magical eye with which we see things and a strange tongue with which we tell what we have seen. Very good poem.

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Louis Cecile 24 September 2011

A great definitive piece to explain the nature of the soul of a poet.

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