Our Flag Poem by Albert Price

Our Flag

You stand there in your pride and raw beauty,
But don't forget that caressing you is my decreed duty.
That warm and sturdy fabric my heart can feel,
Because of your humbling courage-stimulating appeal.
My arms are ardent by desire of your body to hold,
And with due grand and tender affection to neatly fold.

I pray you will always be a symbol of power for peace,
And a force for the oppressed to use to gain release.
No longer will you flutter like a vulture over divisions.
But flying o'er a land of unity with matchless decisions.
You give none of your glory to racist sexist bigot forays,
Since such tyranny abuses the favor of the Ancient of Days.

May the blue field of stars display its splendid raiment,
As the blue of our lakes and rivers reflect the firmament.
And our valor and devotion let the red stripes impart,
Reminding me of the red blood throbbing in my heart.
Lastly the white stripes symbolize mountain caps of snow,
Given its magnificence by the light of the daystar's glow.

It floats o'er the expanse of the brave and fairest land,
A mighty responder for every just and proper demand.
When the oppressors are humbled and shackles burst,
Supporting the liberated our colors must be risen first.
The justice seeker knows this is not the end of the story,
But may God continue to bless the sway of Old Glory.

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