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Ode To Mrs. Obama

Our first image of a gorgeous black Aphrodite
To inhabit the halls of power with charm,
Mrs. Obama moves over the sacred fields deftly
Reclaiming the realm with femininine form.

Ode To The Poinsettia

Across the lowly equator they have flown,
The days of sweltering heat and butterflies.
And the poinsettia shows all it green display,
Without the brightness of its yellow eyes.

Let The Bad Girl Win Now And Then

She seems a little wild once in a while,
But men are nice just once or twice.
Then forgiving is the best part of love,
And it’s flavored by bad girl’s spice.

Metro Carpet Ride

When you wonder why I soar beyond the sky,
Feel free to inquire and a secret will be told.
It’s a mystery to me but I’ll give it a try,
And unfold for you a story that’s ages old.

When Nature Resounds

God has graced Nature with beauty and utmost esteem.

A crown has rested upon her head all her life long.

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The reason that I write is to promote harmony and to uplift the spirits of humanity. My desire is to persuade others to elevate their thoughts and meditations toward the Eternal Creator.

The topics that I am challenged by are such things as beauty, romance, fertility, resurrection, nature, peace, spirituality, and eternity. And my greatest desire is that people enjoy my work-enough so that it impels the mind and releases or unclasps the soul.

Albert Price Popularity