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Into our lives, God manifests in various ways.
He protects us from every stupid deed.
In the era of Esther - the biblical days,
This lovely woman was made Persia's queen.

Our first image of a gorgeous black Aphrodite
To inhabit the halls of power with charm,
Mrs. Obama moves over the sacred fields deftly
Reclaiming the realm with femininine form.

Does anybody remember tube radio?
They were wooden miracles to a little boy.
I could lean back and rest my elbow
On the veneer wood surface and enjoy.

She seems a little wild once in a while,
But men are nice just once or twice.
Then forgiving is the best part of love,
And it’s flavored by bad girl’s spice.

When you wonder why I soar beyond the sky,
Feel free to inquire and a secret will be told.
It’s a mystery to me but I’ll give it a try,
And unfold for you a story that’s ages old.

God has graced Nature with beauty and utmost esteem.

A crown has rested upon her head all her life long.

It seems the angels were singing a song,
And their melody pleased God’s ears;
Singing of to whom such love belong,
They could subdue all pain and fears.

My ship reached your lush and comforting shore,

But my flesh had no more left than dry bones.

God blessed me with a grandma of many talents,

And one of them always left me thoroughly amazed.

Easy comes beauty in youth’s natural spring,
But with age its mellow dimensions grow.
Like to a bud, a full bloom, age will bring.
With grace its beauty does ebb and glow,

To God I am thankful for many gifts;
But none more than a creative mind,
And the hands which are the finest tool,
With abilities to create that I easily can find.

The lights of Bethlehem still burn,
For Ruth’s mother-in-law to return.

Since her unfettered faith, so strong,

Across the lowly equator they have flown,
The days of sweltering heat and butterflies.
And the poinsettia shows all it green display,
Without the brightness of its yellow eyes.

Teach us, O Lord, the newness of wisdom;
Bestow on us daily the power of the mind.
Keep us humble by the knowledge of creation;
On your sustenance allow us to continually dine.

Since 1913 the crosswords have beguiled our minds,
Moreover, giving our word power a needed boost.
So our lexicon goes thru nimbleness of all kinds,
Searching dearly to come up with words of little use.

Snow flakes seem to do a majestic dance in the air;
Or so it appears at the opening of the chapel door.
Gingerly walking down the front marble stair,
I head into the darkness with holiday joy in store.

Oh, to have the wisdom of Solomon over woman,
So to incorporate all the celestial stars in my realm;
As did Solomon in all the realm of his kingdom,
Place all feminine beauty of the cosmos under him.

My wondering mind imprisoned for a long dark spell
Soothes my restless heart until dawn comes into view.
Then my sleep filled eyes behold horizon's red glowing shell
And the rising crimson clouds turn the sky into a rosy hue.

When rivers flow thru lifeless spots,
‘Tis the time for which my heart longs,
Like parents finding their lost tots-
Soothing as sunrise to the forlorn,

The nation’s dream is built in our hearts,
Though its components our factories make.
Its majesty greater than the sum of its parts
Sounds the call at which our hope will awake.

Albert Price Biography

The reason that I write is to promote harmony and to uplift the spirits of humanity. My desire is to persuade others to elevate their thoughts and meditations toward the Eternal Creator. The topics that I am challenged by are such things as beauty, romance, fertility, resurrection, nature, peace, spirituality, and eternity. And my greatest desire is that people enjoy my work-enough so that it impels the mind and releases or unclasps the soul.)

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Accenting Kamala Harris

Into our lives, God manifests in various ways.
He protects us from every stupid deed.
In the era of Esther - the biblical days,
This lovely woman was made Persia's queen.

Today vice president holds great significance.
And Kamala Harris can emulate Esther's glory--
A powerful place in the political landscape
And a chance to be the heroine of the story.

With shootings and corruption brewing a funk,
What will be done to save our people from harm?
Will the Lord empower her to wield His influence,
Before the silent majority raises a monstrous storm?

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Albert Price Popularity

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