Ode To Mrs. Obama Poem by Albert Price

Ode To Mrs. Obama

Rating: 4.5

Our first image of a gorgeous black Aphrodite
To inhabit the halls of power with charm,
Mrs. Obama moves over the sacred fields deftly
Reclaiming the realm with femininine form.
Sensuously challenging those who dare deny
Her right to bare her bronze sun-kissed skin
As the queen in a staid pallid white world,
She assumes her role with no hint of giving in.

A worthy image of beauty to accompany a giant of a man,
Mrs. Obama came riding eastward her sword at her side.
She planned for an agenda about change most would scorn,
As a product of northern honing oil and heartland pride.
And she feared not the hard and awful destiny ahead
For a beautiful black woman in a loveless town;
As she brought her fashion for elegance and flair,
Allowing a gawking world to see her face was brown.

As a Capricorn, Mrs. O keeps her keen focus on success,
Never surrendering to impatience, doubt or hesitation.
Her aim is narrow and exact, skillfully chosen
And moored on a carefully thought out foundation.
So doing she has inspired black women to reach higher
And see themselves as lovely creatures of great worth,
Endowed by God to motivate, teach, feed and entertain,
With her nurturing, an emerging color diverse earth.

Chinedu Dike 21 June 2015

Lovely tribute to Michelle Obama nice penned with insight. She is indeed a woman of substance. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Gajanan Mishra 21 March 2014

color diverse earth, great one.

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Susan Lacovara 07 November 2013

Our First Lady is the picture of poise and elegance, with an always underlying grace of humility, compassion and strength. She inspires through her self confidence, intelligence and charm...a loving mother, a devoted wife, our choice for the white house, historical and correct! ! ! PEACE

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