An Ode To Mother Poem by Albert Price

An Ode To Mother

Rating: 5.0

It seems the angels were singing a song,
And their melody pleased God’s ears;
Singing of to whom such love belong,
They could subdue all pain and fears.
He asked them about who became
Possessed of a kind of love so grand.
He was told of the sweetest mortal name
That ever satisfied the hearts of man.
The dear name “Mother” God then heard,
It giving sound to the throb of His heart,
As if such a title was that preferred,
And such a figure so honored in classic art.
My own dear mother was second to none,
And enjoys her deserved Elysian rest.
Thus since down from heaven came the Son,
Her role and function is eternally blessed.

Walterrean Salley 14 June 2012

A lovely tribute to one who is right deserving. Finely set. 10

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Shahzia Batool 31 May 2012

My own dear mother was second to none... A commonly shared thought, so true, so universal! ! ! ... it reminds me a line from a poem: mother is a garden that sees Spring as the only ruling season! ... though it's a complete poem with alternate-rhyme, but you could have composed it as a sonnet only by a little effort...

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