Our New Wold Poem by Patricia Newman

Our New Wold

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Locked in our houses, we peer outside
at the quiet new world where the birds reside,
they brighten our prisons as they fly around
no longer drowned out by human sound.
We hear their song, which fills the air
free from ourworries and daily care.
The bright flowerbeds continue to show
how nature will flourish as we come and go.

When we must venture out of doors
to visit the chemist or nearby stores,
we try to hide the anxious fear
if somebody should come too near.
This evil, infectious, dread disease
covers the land and spreads with ease
This plague, this virus that strikes without care
nobody knowing when or where.

Who will be next, is the mournful cry
as people around us continue to die.
Our doctors and nurses all take up the fight
Bravely they battle throughout day and night
Scientists work in their laboratory
to find a vaccine for this malady.
Government makes new laws to protect us
but day-by-day it continually inflects us.

Will we let it beat us, will we give up our life
to this vicious predator who brings us such strife?
Our natural instinct is to fight and stay strong,
to work through the struggles each day brings along.
We'll laugh and we'll sing and we'll find a way
to keep ourselves busy and happy each day.
These dark days will pass and we will be free
to walk in the sunshine and sit under a tree.

Sunday, May 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: world
our lives during the pandemic 2020
Dr Dillip K Swain 28 November 2022

A brilliant poem that provides a thoughtful scenario of the consequences of Pandemic and its caution to the new world that anyone can be hammered at anytime without warning. It has taught the humanity a lesson to live life flexibly, happily and joyfully without expecting anything

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