Patricia Newman Poems

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Fathers And Sons

A son sits by his father with questions in his eyes
The father looks down at his son, his pride he can't disguise.
There comes a time when every son must leave his father's care
and venture out into the world to see what happens there.

War In Ukraine

Hundreds of people are dying
millions more are displaced
and we sit and watch in horror
as Putin destroys the Ukrainian race


'Silence is Golden' the old wise man said
'Why' asked the little boy, tucked up warm in bed.
'I think it's boring' his little sister cried,
as she lay there in crumpled heap with Teddy by her side.

A Christmas Sonnet

A Christmas Sonnet

"God rest ye merry Gentlemen" we hear the choir sing
in all the towns and villages church bells begin to ring

Spread A Little Happiness

In these dark and dismal days
when all around is doom and gloom
Let us seek some simple ways
to spread a little happiness and zoom

The Death Of Queen Elizabeth 11

Our nation mourns the loss of our Queen
she was our constant light
these days of sadness, grief and pain
she is gone now from our sight

My Mother

My Mother was a special gem
not one you'd wear in a diadem
nor one you'd display in a solitaire
but a gem, none the less who knew how to care

Heralding Springtime

The cold winter winds gathering speed
as they pass unhindered through skeletal trees
The ground is now covered in muddy, dirt brown
where once jewels of Autumn came tumbling down

The Coming Of Spring - A Pantoum

Winter's long days are almost done

Though furrowed fields lie dormant still


It's over, it's finished, the war has now been won,

Thank God it's finally ended; finished; over; done!

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