War In Ukraine Poem by Patricia Denise Newman

War In Ukraine

Rating: 4.8

Hundreds of people are dying
millions more are displaced
and we sit and watch in horror
as Putin destroys the Ukrainian race

We hang our hands in fear
of what this man has done
he holds the world to ransom
with his threat of the Nuclear bomb

He calls this war a 'mission'
to protect the Russian state
we watch as children suffer
fearful of their fate

This mad man has no conscience
he cares not who he kills
but Ukrainians shout defiance
as his bombs rain down their hills

Our Government puts in sanctions
our cost of living will increase
but Ukrainians are dying
for them there is no peace

Poland opens up her borders
to this tide of misery
as mothers and their children
seek a place of sanctuary

Their world has now been shattered
they are asking for our aid
when the time comes for a reckoning
there's a huge price to be paid.

Hanging our hands denotes the helplessness we feel with empty hands
Pat Newman 07 March 2022

A fair comment

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Richard Wlodarski 06 March 2022

On the one hand, Putin is an evil tyrant; on the other, a Believer, as witnessed by the Jerusalem blessed crucifix around his neck.

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Kaia 06 March 2022

How can you think like that? The fact that he is religious does not excuse the thousands of deaths and damage to the people of the country he claims to love.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 05 March 2022

Excellent poem and rhymes

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Pat Newman 07 March 2022

Thanks for your comment

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David Wood 05 March 2022

Well written observation. Putin has no feelings, even for his own people.

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Pat Newman 07 March 2022

Thank you for your comment

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