Our Soul's Medicine Poem by Gary James Smith

Our Soul's Medicine

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Our Soul's Medicine

Our soul's medicine praise God
Is found in music and in the Word
They become our combination plate
In the worshipping of the Lord
For the wonderfulness of Jesus Christ
Had true expression in His love
Always having the interest of others above His own
And in His going about and doing good

His life has produced many a song
For music gives a soul to expressing
To give adoration back to our God
Especially for forgiveness's blessing
Our heart's are built for praising
For acknowledgement of that One
Who humbled Himself in lowliness
Yet who gave His life for our sin

Glad day of our redemption
When in the acknowledgement of our sin
The Holy Spirit joyously indwelt us
And our heart began to sing
Heaven knows of those hallowed moments
When the heart receives its King
And the angels up there high fiving each other
As together they are rejoicing

And the Word gives glad verification
There's life in the Crucified One
Full atonement O hallelujah!
Praise to that all sufficient One!
His Word is the lamp to light our way
Now...that is music to our ears
And what a new song we'll sing that day
When we all in Heaven appear...

Hallelujah for that Lamb...hallelujah!
What better word could express
For on thar moment of repentance of sin
Our soul's begin to dance
They kick up their heels in pure jubilation
The Victory has been Won
The Lord Jesus Christ has given forgiveness for sin
And hallelujah that puts the praise on! ! !

Hallelujah what a Saviour!

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Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
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