Overdose Poem by Timothy Long


The doctors filled nightmare, can nightmares be healed, being in a stage of hell narcotic pleasure, never to move again with being comfortably numb, the people will cry for the dose that push him over, so does it save us all or kill him sad with addicting nature, so many die and plausible heaven stillness, the suicide was the answer to dress but in all anger filled rage unknown to all as a good time, ignorance kills the blind man once, the drugs kill him twice, god does the rest, your blind I have told you before, but you forget, being wrong doesn't make two right, thanks for the pain that is left with nothing but anger, you can't escape from your mind, just enough karma of the blows for the drugs to roll, the seizures cut the light unhearing unending darkness.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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