Kill Me Please! Poem by Timothy Long

Kill Me Please!

Rating: 4.1

i just want to cry,
why won't you let me die,
kill me please as i can not kill myself,
im dead for all i know,
its a masterpiece to die accepting this fate,
is it courage or sadness mixed in,
without kicking or screaming,
isnt that the type of man you want to live?
not as good in the end i suppose,
i will die someday,
maybe not today or this year,
but by my hand i will,
although it wont soften the blow,
its not like i want to die,
the matter of my cause is this,
i fail at what i set out to do,
disappoint is a constant thing to bear,
honestly it is,
we are born blind,
but in death's struggle we see all play before us,
nothing can change or deny what is seen,
but it is not wise to be keen,
wouldn't you rather be unseen?
if a higher diety asked,
what would you get rid of in the world?
in good theory of conscience,
or disillusioned perspective as only i can see,
that one thing to get rid of is me,
die to want,
myself to hate,
don't sell your fate,
it's easy to smile for what they can't see,
i just want to try,
but the truth is i just want to die,
i will be okay..
but thats just what you want me to say,
nothing evil sleeps under my bed,
as its all in my head,
the roses left are dead,
why are you crying,
am i in the hospital?
they say im dying,
to survive death repeat the motto i say even to lie one more day,
sick of crying?
sick of trying?
why yes i am smiling!
would you care if i changed?
or notice when im gone?
either is fine as i fade,
just say go away,
its my time to go anyway!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: suicide
Gajanan Mishra 02 March 2016

my time to go anyway, good write, thanks.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 11 November 2021

Please life is worth living even though it's hard sometimes. The poem has touched my soul. I can relate especially this year Bravo!

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Leann Pilgrim 11 November 2021

Oh, I'm so sorry I'm still crying from read this poem I know how U feel I've felt the same my whole life

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The Crow 21 June 2018

Just go go gogo- - - - -

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Ho hee 15 August 2018

The Crow was forced to die because the 54 year old was beyond her use by date.

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Dr Antony Theodore 03 March 2016

nothing evil sleeps under my bed, as its all in my head, the roses left are dead, why are you crying, conquering death is bravery...... love yourself. thank you. tony

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Unwritten Soul 03 March 2016

Dont waste your time that you have...It just not like any gift that have been given, when you have time to make a chance to change the pain... why dont you try so hard to make it than try so hard to lose it. I believe you and everybody are worth to live, and you deserve to get better life as well...but never give up to life, because nature of life is not always looking good everytime, it has different mood and tones of feeling... So keep living up and never let people or things convice that they can kill you, you are powerful to make a difference, a way better for self and to yourself more, and you will see that you are worth it.

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Timothy Long

Timothy Long

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