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Come in enter the poem
why stand there like an iceberg out of sorts
in the tropics dripping noise baked
in fiery waters.


Eros in dance divine love descending
Proudly possessive ecstatic transforming
Eternal joy fulfilling relentlessly spreading
Body and soul intimately growing

Nothing was well
all of life a duel
springing there
with blows everywhere.

going through the wardrobe
your clothes in quiet stance
all sorts some i gave you
and these i much adore

You reach for your pot
and scoop out a story
with memories so hot
it burns with fury

husband and wife
look at each other
during the day

Are you ever so happy
you want the day
to spread into eternity

The stable was cold
and Joseph too
The donkey was cold
and Mary too

Oh! so many wishes for you as you sail into the new month

Can't be documented in files can't fill pots: this love
soaring crystals the heart possesses

Seeking father dreams of voices images souls youthfully composed
solemnly surrenders to magnificats announced in supreme adulation
masterpiece from Tremendous Lover wonderfully disposed
rendering unto parents new figures in mystical composition

A little babe kept warm
Mother's love unbounded heat
Kneeling, praying, adoring
A mystery now revealed


It riles me to be told
I must be one of the fold
who leave their homes
ever on the roam

From wilting space you fell on me
seeking new life for all to see
your face amuck in sandy soil
where my heart is found in toil.

Looking at you
straight in the face
I see myself

Your smile begs the stars
to light up my being
with enamel brightness
firmly toothed

Sitting here
lost to self
basking in nature
alive to home


to say
i'm bored
is to say
i don't love you

air through stomata in maple leaf Canadian
flows round Brock escarpment custodian
seeks out my soul far across atlantic
The Who rollicking flies revelry gigantic

Eyes on Dome

Your eyes engulf me make me
see what I’m created to be

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I am a professor of biology, trained in cell and molecular biology and did some of my early work in the US and Canada returning to my country, Nigeria in 1976. I retired from the University of Ibadan in 2002 and wrote my first novel, FOREVER CHIMES published in 2007, dedicated to my grand-daughters, Akunne, Oluchukwu and Uzoamaka. I'm always writing poems to my wife and my thoughts when I'm alone turn on her. Through her I see the world. My poems owe so much to her. I'm just beginning. Please stay with me so I can learn from you. I work best in that stealthy space where contemplation migrates to distraction and mind expands to envelope the universe then collapses into caves in deep seas losing self discovering self where the ending din of the market place greets the glorious glow of moonlit stance where devil peeps in to look to tempt to steer thoughts to things worldly then chased away by angels of light human person adrift lands on shores of revealed truths)

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Enter The Poem

Come in enter the poem
why stand there like an iceberg out of sorts
in the tropics dripping noise baked
in fiery waters.

Come in enter the poem
lyrical veins of solemn silence
balls of verbs rolled into joy
subjects at the sharpened fore
fill your past tensed famished soul
on buffets of adverbial gourmet

Come in enter the poem
peace reigns in restful phloem
rhyming tendrils comb your hair
adjectives in starchy flair
sweet the smell of inflorescence
atop the noun of lofty essence

Come in enter the poem
live in symphony of life's distances
rendered in notes of trembling nuances

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Shimon Weinroth 02 November 2008

change that Hegelian philosophical concept with the ever moving process, is treated on the cosmic and personal; level, with profound and poignant understanding,10

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