Painful Cries Poem by Yulissa Fregoso

Painful Cries

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It was so late laying in the cold dark room sobing as i wiped my tears for our lost love the one that ended in sorrow and pain i had cried painful cries it hurt so so much to see u holding her in your arms when I knew that that should have been me it was so hard to forget every last bit of anything all good memories faded away as days past our love was now gone nothing left...............................But as I layed on my bed a knock came from the window and i got up looked out and there you were you said 'Im so sorry for putting you through pain but I love you so much' then he leaned closer and closer until our lips touched and then I knew that all painful cries for me were over.

Megan White 28 October 2009

I def can relate to this poem

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Patti Masterman 25 October 2009

Glad it had a happy ending. It is so difficult not to take things so personally as to think they would deliberately wound us. But it is almost never that way. Thanks

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John Knight 24 October 2009

Hi Yulissa - You are breaking new ground in this PROSE POEM! Your first three were Objective - this one is very Subjective but it does deal with Friendship & Love. Our first experiences of love can be transitory (short) but are none the less painful and (strange though it may seem) what you are experiencing was experienced by your parents - grandparents and all your ancestors - because we are all Human. God has given humans a great capacity for love which starts the day we are born! You aptly describe the angst of apparently lost love 'Our love was gone now nothing left'. However the pain can quickly return to joy when the object of our love is restored 'Our lips touched and then I knew that all pianful cries were over'. Despite your age (sorry to mention that again) you have touched on the great issue of love and relationships - which we who are adults have all expereinced - but never fully understood. Remember what the song says 'You always hurt the one you love....................................'Love in Poetry JOHN.

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Prakash Mehra 17 October 2009

Wedo deal with joys and sorrows. Thats how the life is.

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