Painted Waves Poem by Steve Hagget

Painted Waves

Rating: 5.0

As time begins to take its toll
Upon the wearied day
So starts the silent spectacle
Of glittering, lighted play.

For when the earth-bound nature starts
To lose its taint and colour
A thousand angel eyes do turn
Toward the seas of wonder.

For as the sun with care-filled mind
Does its desired respite make
So to the seas with painted-light
The muted artists take.

With brushes dripping red and gold
They paint the rippling waters
Like frenzied sculptors worshipping
The ocean’s canvas altar.

Each passing moment has its show,
Of royally blended colour
That captured with angelic muse
Then passes on forever.

But while these heavenly messengers
Hold the evening pallet
‘Tis only ‘til the death of day
Then they are forced to cede it.

For through the ghostly hours of night
The brooding dark will hide
Untold secrets held and leashed
And captured deep inside.

Then hope appears with morning sun
As swirling golden swathes
With phantom mists of due entwine
On glassy diamond wave.

With foot-fall light and musical
Like captive sprites set free
The unchained artist angels draw
Once more upon the sea.

And so they carry on full bent
To paint their master’s picture
Until the sun when summit made
Returns to land its pleasure.

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