Steve Hagget Poems

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The Osprey

In foreign land of towering pines
And hammocks, mangrove-torn
A dark-filled night reluctantly
Bequeaths a pale dawn

The Travellers Dream

Last night I dreamt of rolling waves,
Of summer sun and turquoise seas,
Of tapered fields and bracing winds,
Of gentle hills and autumn trees.

Painted Waves

As time begins to take its toll
Upon the wearied day
So starts the silent spectacle
Of glittering, lighted play.

The Never Ending Journey

In cloudless sky and shadeless plain,
In dusty waste and yellow sea –
Where burning heat untempered reigns;
Where wilderness itself runs free.

A Mind Set Free

On starry nights the mind is like
To step on board a vision;
To climb the enigmatic steps –
The liquid path to heaven;

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