The Osprey Poem by Steve Hagget

The Osprey

Rating: 5.0

In foreign land of towering pines
And hammocks, mangrove-torn
A dark-filled night reluctantly
Bequeaths a pale dawn

Upon one battered cypress perched,
Amidst the morning haze,
Bright eyes stare out from part-cocked head
With piscicultural gaze.

Intently focussed on the brook,
That glides beneath the tree
Alive to every shadow’s sound
Yet never truly free.

For choicelessly these eyes are drawn,
As waters break below
And like a flash a head snaps back
And rippled muscles flow.

Within the slightest moment’s breath,
Two mighty wings released,
Two claws full-stretched, two legs reach out
The sinews, strained, unleashed.

The beaten air the only sound,
As time itself stands still
And, tracer-like, on charted course
The osprey meets its kill.

With consummate and practiced ease
The painless end begins
The single deadly blow is dealt
As sharpened claws sink in.

Then up away into the dawn
And time resumes its course
Two final beats – then disappeared
Is this magnetic force.

The cypress perch and well-filled brook
As silent witness stay
And as they settle – calm again
The sun declares the day.

Sidi Mahtrow 08 December 2008

Away from wooded glen The nest grows yet again, Composed of plastic bits And cast away limbs. Atop a pole, upon the highest crest The ospreys tend the nest Begun years ago, It still has room to grow. The pair must make anew Support for eggs which are due, And soon the chicks will hatch And again the pairs burden is to catch Food for the brood Which Nature demands they should. While the lake's fish Remains a staple dish That supports them all, They've discovered another call For on the nearby road is dealt A banquet spread, not to be caught But to be feasted upon. For it's the daily carrion Laid bare by the passage Of cars speeding past. And the osprey adapts as well it can To the impact of civilization and man. s

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