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Painting Symphony (Exotic Fiction In Verses)

PAINTING SYMPHONY is uniquely created as an exotic fiction in verses. The verses weave a unique web of a fantasy world—a poetic Garden of Eden. Painters, musicians, poets, singers, ballet dancers join the other characters in the Opera of Life. The actors relish consuming the forbidden and non-forbidden fruits of life. The poetic landscape reflects different shades of human emotions—love, envy, lust, greed, lie, betrayal, treachery, corruption and crime. The fiction is honey-dipped in reality, striving to be ecstatic, philosophical and erotic at times, depending on the theme.

The story begins with a few brushstrokes of colours to the universal human emotions. The painter uses an unusual medium—the pristine canvas of the flowing watery bosom of the River of Time! When colours are poured on desires, they bloom into flowers, and flow in the waves of time, like surrealistic paintings of liquid dreams. Many a lyric of the heart gets choked in the throat unsung. The silence of melancholy outpours spontaneously and sporadically in music compositions.
The book portrays the best and the worst of human emotions, entering into the warring forces between the Good and the Evil in the flow of the River of Life in the River of Time. The idea is to entertain, enlighten and exhilarate the readers, taking for a joie de vivre on a roller-coaster ride to an esoteric world—a Shangri-La of Phantasms! While unravelling the storyline, the attempt is to touch the heart, stimulate the brain and in the process denude the consciousness for re-discovery.

The joy of living comes packaged with the agonies of life. Lyrics of living are orchestrated and choreographed. Music notes get tinged by deep tones of melancholy. Feelings are coloured in tragic beauteousness of the dilemma of existentialism. Verses are kept reader-friendly, identifiable and communicative with the readers, carving a niche in content, format, quality and presentation.

Painting Symphony is a garland of 54 Symphony Poems, sequentially flowing like a stream of thought. The volume comprises 3 separate Books of 18 poems each; well-knitted into one whole; reflecting the indelible impressions on love, life and joy of living. Imprints on the leaves of life are curry flavoured with wide variety of symbols, metaphors, similes, imageries and icons from science, religion, medicine, metaphysics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, neo-paganism, tarot cards and varied sources. The book revolves around hatching new ideas; triggering innovative thoughts to the expanding blue horizon of knowledge and sowing highbred seeds of messages of joy in the fertile mind. There are varieties of dishes in the menu for gourmet’s delight.


Book-1: The River of Time

The master painter gets busy in pouring colours on the watery bosom. He captures a few droplets of rhapsody. In celebration of joy, he dives deep and dances like a dolphin, takes a bath in the Sun-lit warm water and goes for a catnap. Like a bolt from the blue, he gets a watery kick from TORRENT TERRIBLE and the story moves on...

Nobody knows where the flow comes from and where it goes but it carries life ahead. The Show continues in its complexity. The River of Life zigzags through tough terrains. When words become inadequate to express, emotions prefer painting symphonies, mix colours into music of the soul, sculpt figurines, compose music, choreograph and dance ballets. The search is likely to bump into the discovery of the God Particle dissolved in the being.

In the Symphony of Water and Fire, the life waters are threatened by the burnishing ‘Oasis of Chaos’. There, the civilization refuses to resurrect from the ancient burial grounds. On the New-Year, a music troupe welcomes a new dawn. What does the night see there?

Amidst the chaos, we hear the Symphony of Love. We are invited to a Cocktail party and introduced to beautiful people including playboys and play girls and psychopaths enjoying in diverse ways. We find an entrepreneur going for ballooning for hunting fresh ideas over the historic pyramids and temples over the barren lands.

A father waits impatiently for the arrival of the Little King of the Sweet Home. In the Flow of Life, a Strange Thief gets caught for robbing the most precious thing in life and what happens then? The bay bridge once built by the lovers is getting demolished by the builders themselves. What is the reason? What does happen to life when it moves rule-bound? Smoking relationship ends in fire, reaching the court room. There the love loses its symphony.

Book 2: Champagne Party in the Milky Way

We enter the Shangri-La of Phantasms. We realise our greatest enemy is within us. The twin brothers kill each other in cold blood. What is the motif for the heinous crime? In the ballet of Night and Moon, the loved one does not survive in a night long intense love making!

Triangles, symbolising Holy Grail, seek help from a tantric. In the Seed Hungry Fields, Designer-Babies are produced. We visit a happy village of the cradle of babies! Where are their fathers and mothers?

We watch the Ballet of Life where the ballerina suffers till she breaks out the black magic spell. In the symphony of life, the ballerina finds herself neglected and longs to be the violin of her maestro.

We come across a neo-pagan assuming a magic name in a ritualistic ceremony and establishing his brand of paganism. What are his plans?

The nude fire dancers climb up the hilltop to welcome summer. May Queen is sad when her playmate—Green Man—is killed by her maidens out of jealousy. What happens thereafter? After the erection of May Pole, why do the Red Men rush up into the Scottish jungle at midnight?

In the song of Mahamudra, the guru Tilopa does not find Naropa, an ideal loyal disciple who is ready for the song. Naropa confesses to his guru why he is not yet ready. We encounter bizarre relationship hassles; fight for survival when vital organs are being consumed by disease germs. Hope comes alive in the new research. Blood swimming marines get ready for an operation swim. Do they guard the City of Nine Gates?

People love the Visible God on earth and pray for his life. In the Kiss of Fire, fire becomes flower consuming the candle. Does fire light a new candle of life?

The dormant energy Shakti is on a mission to find her consort. Can we help her and in the process experience the blossoming of thousand lotuses in enlightenment?

We are taken aboard in a Wormhole by the most famous physicist and cosmologist of our times, Mr. Stephen Hawking. True, he is not able to move physically, but he unleashes his brainpower, mind, and heart. Stephen invites Marilyn Monroe, the legendary Hollywood diva, for a champagne party with him in the Milky Way. How does the party go?

Book 3: Kalki’s War Against the Antichrist

The story begins in the familiar terrain of the Holy Unholy Land, where corruption and innumerable crimes flourish. The land was once known for the rule of its legendary blind King and his blindfolded husband-worshipping Queen. In the land, there are incredibly enviable options to die!

The land was once blessed by a benign smile, a symbol of righteousness. The same smile is now used for lawful and unlawful trading.

In the farmland, can the corpses of farmers, suspended on the trees safeguard their lost farmland?

LIE entertains JUDGE by stripteasing and she becomes a stranger to herself and gets deeply wounded in the end.

A father is quite perturbed about a crime that happened within his home. Who did commit the heinous crime when he was asleep with his wife?

In the land, fixing games is much more profitable than playing real googlies. The story of the greatest teacher who was poisoned to death for being the wisest is a reality in the real world even today.
The wolf man of Freud tells his story. We are then introduced to the patients of love turning into Wolf Men and Wolf Women in society. Who are they? What has gone wrong in their lives?

The dimple on the earth’s cheeks signals apocalypse. The Antichrist appears in different evil incarnations. In the apocalypse, the Earth splits into bottomless pits. Anacondas of Amazon are flown like kites in the sky by the fire tornados!

The sea monster, slumbering on the seabed, comes for revenge, when the Planet Earth takes a hiccup. The earth shows her discomfort to her uncaring children. The Baby of Hope is to be searched out from the heaps of debris.

In the market, the fruits of the Mind Trees are sold recklessly in attractive packaging. Those fruits may contain poison and kill the dreams of the credible innocent minds. Finally, a dead body of dangerous Idea-Worms is dumped into the bottom of the sea to be devoured by sharks. There is crying need for curing the bedridden human soul to come out of the ICU.

The pilgrims rush for a holy dip in the holy waters. Are they prepared for a holy ablution? Have they kept the life waters holy? Saints launder the stained minds and return to the people who soiled them to wear afresh.

The distressed pray for salvation to Allah at Kaaba from the core of their heart. Allah is there with them to do what is right. In the ultimate war between the good and the evil, the Antichrist kidnaps the Sun. How does Kalki appear on the scene? What happens in the war? Who does win finally in the war between the good and the evil?

Enjoy reading—Painting Symphony!
Brushing your moments in the colours of ecstasy!
Composing the symphony of your dreams!
Enjoy reading! —‘Amuse Le Lecture! ’


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