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Love and pain, they go hand in hand,
Like a rose with thorns, in a barren land.

Love brings joy, but pain lurks behind,

Oh Saints, how naïve you seem to be,
trying to paint the world in one hue we see,
as if it'll solve all the problems we face,
and make everything a better place.

sky with full of stars
a pond full of the tadpoles
a countless blessings

Love is never-ending
And hate is never final
The only thing between them
Is the relationship that plays sea-saw.

They live grandeur life
They rule the world
They rule the people
They sit on high place

At Poem Hunter, oh what a pain!
my poor brain, it feels so strained
my poems disappear, into thin air
like a magician's trick, it's just not fair.

In dreams of fire, my passions would ignite,
but alas, life's grip keeps me tight,
I yearn to soar, to conquer and thrive,
but duty's shackles keep my dreams deprived.

A man named Bryan once took Paternity Leave,
his intent was to relieve
his wife of the strain,
while he enjoyed his friend's company in vain.

Some people are obsessed with age,
they want to know the truth, no matter the wage,
but age is just a number, can't you see?
wisdom can come at any time, even at seventy-three.

Don't be afraid of Satyr, a wild and crazy thing,
Just join in the revelry, let your heart take wing,
For Satyr is a joyous creature, full of life and glee,
And if you have him as your friend, you'll be as happy as can be!

There once was a man with a hole in his pocket,
whenever he looked, he found no way to block it.

Coins and tiny trinkets, all slipped away,

Let me challenge some notions of 'normalcy',
and embrace so called 'Natural Selves' with glee.

Is it must to follow such a trend?

From lip to the gutter, what a destiny of cigarette butts,
little round discs, like little round butts.

They're thrown away without thought, without care,

A bouquet of love, with flowers so sweet,
given by you, my heart skips a beat.

Roses and lilies, a colorful delight,

Two talking parrots sat on a tree,
talking and laughing as happy as can be,
one said to the other, 'let's have some fun,
and mimic the humans, just for fun! '

heart demands something
I offer my pen to thee
now read me whole night

There was a cat with a big, bushy tail,
to manage it, was quite the tall tale.

It swished and it swooshed, all day and night,

In a land where humor thrives, a tale unfolds,
of a mind under siege, where laughter explodes.

There once was a fellow, named Brian D'Souze,

Oh, the itching on my back, such a funny little knack
It dances and it tickles, like a mischievous ant pack.
I reach and I scratch, trying to find relief,
but the itch keeps moving, causing me disbelief,

There once was a monk with a frown,
who lived in a temple renowned.
but his life took a twist,
when a monkey he missed,

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Love And Pain, They Go Hand In Hand.

Love and pain, they go hand in hand,
Like a rose with thorns, in a barren land.

Love brings joy, but pain lurks behind,
A reminder that happiness is hard to find.

When love blooms, it's like a sweet melody,
But pain follows, like a troubled symphony.

We search for love, hoping it will heal,
But sometimes it hurts, leaving us to deal.

The pain of love can cut like a knife,
Leaving us wounded, struggling for life.

Yet we keep on loving, despite the pain,
Knowing that love can also bring gain.

For love is worth the risks it brings,
Even if it sometimes stings.

It teaches us to be brave and strong,
To weather the storms, and carry on.

Love and pain, a bittersweet rhyme,
We'll keep on loving, one day at a time.

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R K Singh 16 November 2021

'Journey accomplished'-- Very fulfilling, with depth of feeling.

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