Saturday, January 2, 2010

Part And Parcel

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1-A happy aviary

1-I dare to describe
Symbolic tale of ups and downs
The words he in dreams scribe

2- An unknown holy and old seer
Revealed the action
I describes as I hear

3-Showed to me the age past
When there resides not any man
Birds and animal could only last

4-World was, the haven of love
Swan and stags, dear and fawns
Eagles were, the friends of dove

5-O, times! Fowl played the foul
Vultures, the enemies of living
Like the jackals one day howl


6-Ostrich was the just king
Took care of every inch
All around prosper bell ring

7-He roamed, flew and run
Observe his people day and night
Midnight oil he used to burn

8-He was on such a stride
Went too far from the centre
Laud he came was dried

9-No bird sang, no green flowers,
Clouds were few and passing fast,
No rains there and no bowers

10-He flew and flew away,
Went into deeper and more deeper
In the trance of his sway

Too much curiosity

11-Astonished he became at once
When he saw a kangaroo
Whose running was exuberance?

12- Flying sometime and then he hops,
It was fashion of this shape
Running was not less than pops


13- Landed he and closer he went
Told him about all his state
For learning that he bent

14-To learn strange art of racing
His strides and long jumps,
His alacrity and his pacing


15- Birds were worried not to find
Months passed and he came not
The king loving and very kind

16-Whispes were there about his death
Some catastrophe has on him fallen
That made him not to breath

17-The time servers and the selfish
Curveted and flapped their ugly wings
To attain throne arose the wish

18-The ugly vultures thought it right,
The auspicious time for to get their dreams
To usurp the crown without fight


19-Gathered around them the ambitious fowls
Vicious and most devilish minds and thoughts
Were selected advisors for the full bowls?

20- Crows were the soldiers falling on filth
Encircled by the birds of bad omen
Birds of passage looked with a satiric mirth]


21- The king fell to his passions
Pleaded the kangaroo to teach
Strides and steps of his fashion

22-A lot of risk is involved in this act
Do not learn is the best
Kangaroo told him with respect

22 -Kangaroo told him with woeful request
The dangers and risks hidden in the act
Not bow before it, is the way best

23-The adamant king could not deviate
From his childish wish for fly running
Every thing the kangaroos tried to negotiate


24-kangaroo was cool and very calm
Very judicious and wise enough
Stay here for the night, he put the balm

25-Special food is a prerequisite
To learn the art of landing strides
Without which no one can exquisite

26-Ostrich ate the meal with relish
Offered by the kangaroo as his pupil
And admonish to be not lavish


27-Vultures fell on the throne of the king
Did not spare a meager entity
Occupied the castles and the everything

28-The sparrows, larks and the swans
The humming bird and nightingales
Pigeons and ducks doves and fawns

29-vulture arrayed the strange squads
The seagulls were the magistrates
And bats were the day guards

30-The opossum was the appointed judge
The black bird was made attorney
All were ordered not to budge


31-The king drank from the kangaroo’s hands
Strange passions ran into veins
His wings rose and feather’s bands

32-Whole his body shook severely
Fell the feathers except a few
And few wings remained barely

33- With the dawn the ostrich awoke
Their was no little feather on his body
He had lost his royal cloak

34-kangaroo came and told about
The kick backs and strange strides
Half flew he and half rubout

35- The king learned a thing very odd
Happy over his masterly gains
But lo and behold! What did he nod?


36- Vultures plundered the throne royal
Scavengers gnawed the flesh alive
The fowls were at mum on the fate’s recoil

37- If some spoke against the dictators harsh
Lives of theirs were in danger
The punishment was to bury them in marsh

38- Rich became and proud the stooges toadies
The sycophants and the blackmailers
The real thieves and the hardies

39- Doves were imprisoned and the larks
Lurking over the love was the swords
Of fierce vultures and ambitious darks

40- Principles of love respect and harmony
All buried in the abyss of lust
Rulers the usurpers and the rules money


41-all the happiness pomp and gaiety
Vanished away and all were to think
To run for life and have flight mighty

42- Worries closed in and king thought
How would he reach out and restore
This misfortune his follies brought

43- The home land far away and the risky ways
The flights undone and the wings lost
Lost glory does not come back by prays

44- No fairy would come and no gnome
He was to run and only run
To set the things right at home

45- Vultures spoiled everything of the state
Laws and lawyers cops and corpses
Each and everybody they did vitiate

46- The sick aviary was to explode and blast
With the clumsy handling and the rough attitude
If the vultures as king were to last

47- A new thing vultures and their ranks
Ensued after coup, they introduced
Transferred national assets to foreign banks

48- Looted and plundered they every one
Conspired against the native whole
Thought if booked they would run

49-The coffers became their personal wealth
The nation starved and looked for
To get some aid for falling health

50- They were vultures and dead they ate
Scavengers they were and that’s why
For living being was only hate

51- The ostrich laggard and hopped
At the borders of his beloved state
He was told that he was dropped

52- On the borders he was stopped
And was not allowed to enter
His lands was for him blocked

53- Gloomy he became and with severe grief
Astonished bewildered and strangled
Unexpected happened in that brief

54- Furious he became and told guards
I am the king and rule this land
Tell this to your fictitious lord

55- Arrested he was on this talk
The guards escorted him to the court
Some in front and some behind walk

56- He was dethroned, and did he know
On reaching court he was told
It was useless to make a row

57-He pleaded the courts and judge
An owl appointed against the post
He was adamant and then nudge

58- Just one was made to retire
A toady was assigned the post
Whose services dictators hire

59- Ostrich was gloomy and disappointed
Not for throne but for fowls
Their lives were being exploited

60- Wept he from heart due to compassion
For the poor birds and other beings
Sorrowful he became for his nation

61- Pondered over the plight and the state
Destroyed by, by the bad birds
Determined to get back, early or late


62- He then approached the eagle saint
Sick of vultures rule living away
Tired and hungry he was to faint

63- Eagle’s hospitality made him revive
His holy plans and his life
He felt himself in the heavenly hives

64- Eagles stopped him when he spoke
Need not explain, knew everything
No one can in vultures, sympathy evoke

65- Eagle took him to the royal court
The armies of wild bees in the way
Voluntarily along with him cohort

66- The greedy vultures did not easily resign
The price of life, and amnesty asked by
And some carcasses daily and no fine
66- Eagle’s arbitrations for his nation
Made ostrich to regain his throne
Serve with the same old passion

In this way the tale ends
The poet for all honesty recommends

More it does symbolize the man
Fall In the abyss that easily can

Ostrich daring, dignified and just
Request every body, think it must

The vultures are self explanatory
Smelling death in the earth’s cemetery
akram saqib
Shams Tahir 03 January 2010
i could not think that you can write a very long and so nice poem.bravo10
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