Parting Poem by Henry Tong


We part when it rains; when the petrichor
Tastes mild in the moist air, and summer breeze
Flees across the white waves. Distance blurs
In dawns and dusks, flashes in ears and eyes.
In floods of my string tempo stops and soars,
In fevers of my dream cadence falls and rolls,
Till melted ice cuddles the dearest rose.

In lofty wills, how powerless am I
To seek a change in ephemeral lives.
Sailing in the tide of moral souls I
Grab the transience in decrepit heights.
Yet time weeps not for parting lengths,
Setting sun earlier in Sydney sands.
How lonesome to have miles as friends.

Of slights glimmer, I embrace
Our futures journey to the brightest fate.
I resist not my tears in departing awakes
When you glance back in the bustling bay
The sorrows of love rise like a plume of smoke.

And I gently cup it in my hand and keep it flow.
In the furthest end out of my window, there you
Sit, pick up a pen, drawing memories that linger
In your throat. With blessings to us all, I write to
You, pray for our meets and let it go aloof.

Till June, when it rains and you arrive
Again in my dream, breathing winter hymns
And summer breeze.

Sunday, September 9, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: departure,love,parting
Henry Tong

Henry Tong

Beijing, China
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