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I see love as a pot of tea
placed in the floor of bamboo vale.
Its scent floats to the farthest sea,
but humbly stores in nature's tale.

In darkness we trip, and roads may mislead
to where destined is not forged to reach
I thus go, and the road grows with my feet.

My reason was tried by my rage.
I devoured ice on dancing flames.
I landed safe on brittle quakes.
I blessed their soul when they thrashed my fame.


Light is born
out of darkness
witnessed by universe.

Birds on whitened trees,
warbles muted by the snow
in serenity.

I Heard the Chime from Faraway-
an Echo in the Wind-
The Ancient Summons to Display-
its faint sublimity.

My world and I are separated
by a crystal clear mirror-
which duplicates my body and soul
and imprints them in the world.

There isn't a
to fill in the
void of personality.

I hand my heart to the chaotic beats:
the sirens will deafen the world
instead of me.

Thoughts overflowed,
Eyes blurred
stream on the window.

Softly landed her

Filled with Emptiness,
the Glass sparked a shimmer
of the hazy moonlit,
veiled by shadows of cloud.

The drifting petals unbend my soft brows,
And trace my footsteps in sinuous roads.
I ramble bypass olden walls anew,
And warm the frost to nourish shrivelled rose.

Her eyes
were pure and deep
as Lake Baikal
long had ceased.

My youth wafts through
the surface of rippling river
and inspires a layer in the wave.

Impalpable dust on the minute hand
vibrates, and thus, its echo
enlongates the trace of remembrance.

She sinks into dark blue
when night begins to brew,
when lanterns are lit crimson,
when sharp cries are soothed.


In an alley it permeates
casting on me a facade
I cannot see.

Rulers rest in their dominions,
a million pieces of a fragmented glass
each performing an isolated gloss.

Henry Tong Biography

Haoran (Henry) is currently a Chinese high school student dedicated in Chinese, English and French poetry for 9 years. He was awarded " Young Poet Laureate 2017" in Beijing for bringing Song-meter into modern poetry and translation.He also studies poetry's pragmatic role in developing cultural awareness and social recognition. He believes in the potential power of poetry and language in the modern social life. He writes in the welcome letter as organizer of National Poetry Month 2018, " Rejuvenating poetry in today's social life has long been a part of my dream and mission. With the growing popularity of 'fragmented reading', an inclination to only accept fast-paced, short-length pieces of literature, people would have neither time nor interest to digest deeper, broader contexts. Modern poetry, in its most succinct and concise form, provides the young generation a precious chance to observe, reflect, and express their worldview and experience. Poets refuse to follow the herd, independent of social dogma. They have the courage to voice opinions, inspire others, and foster change. By organizing this activity, I envision not many emerging poets, but more brave minds with empathy, enthusiasm and skillful language." " Your words are powerful and profound, much beyond his peers." Timothy, a visitor, commented after reading the poems. Haoran utilizes techniques both from Chinese and English literature, which adds color and vigor to his descriptions. He also pays attention to bridge souls of different cultures, creating a freer space for disparate ideas and opinions to be voiced together.He also blends his worldview and philosophy into observations. Themes he likes to reveal include faith and identity, struggle of individuality, tradition and modernity, sympathy and empathy, freedom and political trend, and human interactions. Haoran continues on his journey as a student poet. He regards poetry as his way of viewing the world and expressing himself.)

The Best Poem Of Henry Tong

Fragrance Of Love, Fragrance Of Tea

I see love as a pot of tea
placed in the floor of bamboo vale.
Its scent floats to the farthest sea,
but humbly stores in nature's tale.

Neither pungent as instant coffee,
pressing tastebuds to accept
nor insipid as purified water,
disinterested to reject-

It starts fresh, ends rich.
It milds bitter, leaves sweet.
It boils tears and troubles
into a rising aroma of steam.

If promises hold dear, it never dies.
The scent never fakes, though it flies.
If water is tainted, then dancing leaves
shall clear it out and start again.

Time selects the best leaves to green
Nature ensures the best water to drink
Patience wakes the coupling to see
a pot of tea, a pot of beauty.

Such tea I sip, is a long-living life.
Every taste of it becomes vibrant.
I see love as a pot of tea,
the puriest of all, bright and deep.

Henry Tong Comments

Henry Tong 28 January 2018

I hope you visit my webpage often and make comments!

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Fabrizio Frosini 30 January 2018

although so young, the poems you've posted show how bright and deep your poetry is. A pleasure to read your poems, Henry. Welcome!

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Heather 17 February 2018

It is wonderful to see a modern modification of traditional Chinese meter. Congratulations, young poet!

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erichamilKaya 02 May 2018

henry you are the master of language, i feel ur emotion flow and i sense the power you harness with good control

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iamgraham 27 April 2018

Indeed, you are the reincarnation of Beidao! I haven't seen Misty poems for years, and your style fits right in. Some verses are worth remembering and being used to reflect this generation!

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Roger 25 April 2018

Hi Henry! I'm quite interested in your versatile language! You really like basing your work on experimental philosophies.It's a great idea, actually! Keep going and I'm looking forward to more poems.

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Timothy 06 March 2018

A great deal of maturity beyond your years.

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Lily B. 06 March 2018

Nice poetry, Henry! Great effort on revealing your philosophy by words.

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Henry Tong Quotes

Time is a twisted tunnel to truth.

Words are fallen; minds are erect. Minds are fallen; poetry is erect.

I record what's left forgotten if my poems are not.

My heart holds my pulse, my weakened, but unstopping pulse, until lies cease their rampage, in which guilt is justified.

The muted sounds voice a greater volume.

I, too, am a speck in the crowd, but no one can dust me off.

When history accelerates in dazzle and people are tired to chase. I can look back where it started and find my direction in my place.

When history accelerates in dazzle and people are tired to chase. I can look back where it started and find my direction in my place.

Extending souls connect with each other. The society bonds more cohesively when the lengths of souls become not the barriers but bridges of communication.

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Henry Tong Popularity

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