Patience Not My Friend Today Poem by Jude's Child

Patience Not My Friend Today

Tow fortnights I have waited
Alone and difficult it was
For throughout my life patience in life was easy
But patience in heart was definately not

How does one measure time?
When time doesnt count without a loved one
Does one remember that lonely night?
Does one cherish memories of that kind?

Why am I being tested?
Does my persistance not reveal my belief?
Am I losing this battle I knew Id win
Am I losing my grip on the known

A lifetime of love is what I offer
But it would seem that is not enough
Were I born a colder heart Id be married
Id be just like the rest

Should we not question the norm?
Should we not strive for the questionable?
Should we not raise eyebrows and create controversy?
Or should we follow the herd?

How do you transfer an idea to another
If not by proximity?
Grant me patience oh Lord
I need it now more than ever

7 August 2007

Ana Monnar 17 August 2007

The more we wonder, the more questions we have. These are all good points, to ponder and reflect. Good job!

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