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A love lost a soul bear
Weary eyes can never sleep for want of better
But today it would seem the end was bitter sweet
For weary my eyes are not and sleep I can

My wings have left me forlorn
My demons remain
Stranded I have but a forked road
Continue should I into oblivion?

Am I not blessed by you oh Lord
Everyday your mystery unfolds
For I doubt to easily your promise
I am weak to doubt your mighty sword

Far and few between
True friends rarely seen
It is said we are but a reflection
Of the company we keep

Life, it seems more complicated
Wandering through, lost sheep
Foolish to think I know the way
A mere mortal cannot foretell

By chance italian we did meet
Neither aware of the pitter patter of feet
Life's interests we talked all abound
The same, ditto, alike we found

And all time passed time
Eternity's impatience
But who am I but just a man?
Who am I to question?

Time passes effortlessly
A breeze in the wind we notice not
And before we comprehend its intricate nature
The breeze dies down and we notice

Two hours before dawn my eyes should wake
Yet the events at night leave me weary
And once bitten twice shy would not console me
For denial tempts at every turn

A purpose for everything on this earth
And every being the same
Mine might be clearer now
It happens without knowing somehow

Vexed at the thought of clouds
Transforming my view
For a full moon would shine tonight
If only it was with you.....

Time is unable to erase
The ties that bind our blood with grace
Though trouble beckons all around
The fortification of love holds sound

To see the sun
I need two hours work first
To get things done
My voice is hoarse with thirst

Tow fortnights I have waited
Alone and difficult it was
For throughout my life patience in life was easy
But patience in heart was definately not

A new age dawned today
The old Jude's child now dead...

I had known of the death for many days

A covenant with my eyes Ive made
No longer searching my life down I laid
I must hold fast and remain steady
Or the temptations abound will engulf me

All around me the noise of my work
So loud precautions are enforced
But I walk in silence
I hear nothing at all.....

Along my vast travels in this southern half
Many a woman my path have crossed
And though all unique and wonderful in a way
Few would have me thinking all day

The violin played lastnight in the Lord's house
And all were in awe at the sound
Mostly myself, for it was a sight to ponder
How wonderful He truly is

Hear me brothers...
For I have a truth to tell
The only truth on this earth we dwell
Hear me brothers...

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A true son of st. Jude)

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Starting Again

A love lost a soul bear
Weary eyes can never sleep for want of better
But today it would seem the end was bitter sweet
For weary my eyes are not and sleep I can

Strange to think my dissapointment would be so
Id imagined the end of this earth, a lifetime of sorrow
To much time might be just for the cause
To continue strengthening each day without pause

Unrequited my love might be
But expended all I have you see
I would be a fool to feel ashamed my friends
My efforts a hundred fold of that which should be

The end of the earth it is not
The beginning of a new world awaits
Where she lies I know not
Strengthening I am til the old is forgot

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