Starting Again Poem by Jude's Child

Starting Again

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A love lost a soul bear
Weary eyes can never sleep for want of better
But today it would seem the end was bitter sweet
For weary my eyes are not and sleep I can

Strange to think my dissapointment would be so
Id imagined the end of this earth, a lifetime of sorrow
To much time might be just for the cause
To continue strengthening each day without pause

Unrequited my love might be
But expended all I have you see
I would be a fool to feel ashamed my friends
My efforts a hundred fold of that which should be

The end of the earth it is not
The beginning of a new world awaits
Where she lies I know not
Strengthening I am til the old is forgot

Ana Monnar 21 August 2007

Thank you for the very uplifting words. I am a widow and I can relate to some of the phrases.

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Theodora Onken 21 August 2007

I love the way you write. The absolute perspective of it all. St jude, is my Patron Saint. I wear him around my neck every day! Keep writing, you have the brillance! Best regards, Theodora Onken

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