Paying A Tribute To God! ! !

Hear is the short story that I need to tell to you. In the deep rural areas of rural South Africa was a man.He never bother anyone in his community. He liked to look after his farm during the day. He was inferior over all other ma in the community probably because he possesses less men characteristics. When there was something done communally the relatives could call to summon him at last while they could start with non-relatives. So-called big men, super spiritual and strong built fathers could not consider him as a man at all. It was only the young man who enjoys looking after the cows who enjoyed association with him. That man has something however important in his memory and it was the unique gift from God. That was a gift of listening carefully. When he was young he had a woman who was otherwise taken for granted saying something very important. That woman warned them as they grow up not to go and sit next to a near by community river when it is too much cloudy because they might never predict the weather. That referred to the river which was receiving extra amount of water from the upper layers of mountains. It was usually that these river valley get rain even when there has been never rained at all. One day a King call the whole communities to enjoy a dinner with him along that very same river. That men felt enjoy to come to look after that event. However the king ordered all the young man who looks after cows to please leave. The very same time weather was very cloudy but warm and cool. A man recalls the story he used to be told by his grandmother when he was very young. He attempt to approach young respected foreman who was superior in position but younger in age. Even before he could rich that man 10 proud man shouted at him: 'hey you stupid don't you see that you are talking to your royal highness, why did you not have passed something to us. Calmly that man replied, I am very sorry but I have something more important to save our lives and even the King's life. Please go and wash your poor clothes before you talk to us. Another old woman who seem to be 80 year old said talk to this man calmly he seem to be very old and not a child. But men resist and said please leave us. The man rushed into river where hundreds of young children were enjoy swimming. He called them out. Some of them have had already inherited from their parents not to respect this man because he was taken for granted on his community.90 out of 500 children pulled out of river and they received the news that they must not swim next to the river when it summer and when the weather seem to be loaded with clouds. They took all of their cows and dwell to a higher place. During that day 90% of communities were along this river. Now the king and his people were celebrating and with no children and no cows and goats. Suddenly there was a huge uproar. People d look upstream and no body believed his eyes: it was a very huge water tide coming from the mountain. All people were wiped out. Even those children who refuse to go, who were below the river died. In that day the man remained to be the one who was old, respected and became a King. There were no longer ignorant parents, no ignorant children and no big kings who could not share knowledge with the poor and minority.

The man set off the next day to report what has happened by the chief’s home: but there was no one in that home and all over the path they have been entering house to house. In fact all people were collected by the river and they all get killed. So the man asked to the young children what shall we do, a young boy was anointed by the voice of God and he speak as follows. My father told me that he believes among the young boys, the older one is supposed choose the elder one to be a king because he knows all roles and regulations about life and even when the weather is bad he warns them to move the ships along the river except if he is a stupid.
Oh my God when the man heard those words, to him it became clear that he was now a new king and the young boys were to be one of his leaders who are going to respect him and appreciate him with honor as they have accept his warning by the river.

My friend this story is very important for the rest of our lives. In this world there are people who seem to be not dignified. What ever they say people tend to laugh. Those people also like that man tend to be minor and they don't like treat themselves as high. Those people are chiefly used by God when he likes to wipe out the corrupt nation. That is how the King Goliath was killed by young children, as he could kill thousands of soldiers in an hour. You are obliged to take unlimited kind of warning and advice made by all of your brothers and sisters: poor or rich.
Now the old man could role almost all tribes with aid from God! ! !
What else is being said by ignorant people which seem to be very stupid and ignore it just because it is accepted among the people of this world while it is not accepted to God.

God Bless You even with your coming exams! ! !

Pray the following song with me

Today is the day
The day of my truly resurrection
I shall not look side by side
I shall loose all of my dignity and honor in sake of giving protection those who appear to be manor
Your name is Jehovah and it is worthy
I don’t I will ever need something additional when I am having that name

Please help me to overcome all of the world fear
Let me leave the sweetest life like our Lord Jesus Christ
I am prepares and made well understood that where I follow your light there shall be light
I am now entering into a new form of life that is not going to be influenced by the people of this world.
I know that sometimes my friends, relatives and even family members are going to left me at desert
But even if they have deserted me, like a tree which grows along the river I shall enjoy and prosper association with you

I understand how painful it is to leave the earthly things because most of them make my flesh to be very happy, however I do need to understand that my flesh is full of lies and it has been the major trigger of God’s punishment to man.

God it is only your holy spirit that was attached into my soul which shall let me do the things that please people without making the lives of others to go into a hell.
I dare and desire that happiness and I therefore declare that I shall never do simple mistake from this very same day
When ever I am in trouble I shall remember your name lord though the help of this world would supplement aid
Please begin to make me understand that there is absolutely nothing that is more worthy than loving the name of Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours Sincerely

Amen: Amen and Amen

Mr. MN Maphumulo
You can access that story on and punch mthokozisi

Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 8, 2009

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